Online math tutoring has become the newest buzzword in today's education industry. Technology is blurring the lines between different countries and the flow of information between students and teachers around the world is greater than ever.

Online education gurus advocate two forms of online math tutoring – instant vs scheduled. Is one better than the other? Read on and decide for yourself.

1) Instant- tutoring is available as soon as you login to the site. It is not necessary to arrange tutoring sessions in advance. This is ideal for students who need immediate help while working on their math homework or right before their test.

Scheduled – Tutoring sessions are scheduled in advance and a tutor is available at the scheduled time. Immediate help is not offered, but it is more systematic and students and teachers are well prepared for the lessons. They also get the chance to collect a set of difficult problems and make the most of their tutoring time.

Although classes are scheduled in advance, most Online Maths Tutor companies allow students to reschedule their classes if they cannot make it by a certain time due to a conflict in their schedule.

2) Instant learners can develop a dependency on such tutoring websites as help is available 24/7 and they may not even try to solve the problem themselves. Such dependency and lack of initiative can lead to a poor understanding of the subject.

Scheduled - Students are encouraged to try to solve the problems themselves and if unsuccessful they can seek help from their online math tutor during their next scheduled lesson. This is a win-win situation - they try to solve the problems themselves, take initiative and at the same time have credible help available when they need it.

3) Instantly - In most cases, students get a different math tutor each time they take a lesson. Also, class time will be wasted getting used to a new teacher each time, and there will be no continuity.

Scheduled – Students can choose to learn from the same tutor as lessons are scheduled in advance and students have the opportunity to develop a relationship with their tutor. This also allows the tutor to understand the student's learning style and adjust the sessions accordingly to make them most effective.

4) Instant - Often the tutor does not have the same book or study material that the student uses to complete their homework or prepare for a quiz. The student can write or type the problem online; However, when learning geometry or statistics, the student may find it difficult to convey their problem and the learning may not be as effective.

Scheduled - This gives students enough time to fax or email their study material to the tutor so he has the exact pages. When the student signs up for their lesson, the tutor knows exactly how to proceed and the learning becomes more systematic and therefore more productive.

Each tutoring method has its advantages and disadvantages. Which style is right for you depends on your learning needs and what you want to achieve with online math tutoring - immediate help to get over the hump or stronger fundamental concepts to help you long-term.


Mathematics is a subject that explores the truths of life from different angles. Without logic, reasoning and a methodical approach, math is a difficult business. Although there are various sources that suggest methods for simple arithmetic, online tutoring is at its peak with its innovative methods and virtual structure.

How to do math with ease? Here are some steps

There are many myths about mathematics and it is the general tendency of students to believe and abide by them. Math is not a dragon challenging you to a fight. Consider math your friend and try to treat it kindly. The rest is a good relationship between you and math. So it's basically your positive attitude towards math that determines your good grades in this subject.

Next, you should focus on what math wants to teach you and how it relates to your life. When you understand that math is involved in a great many daily activities in your life and that it explores the laws of the universe, you will become drawn to the subject and begin to learn it with interest.

You should understand the basic concept that mathematics is a series of steps that require a methodical approach and clear thinking. It is a sequential order of analysis of a concept and as such it requires clear analytical skills without a confused mental state. Do math with a cool head and you would be doing it to your advantage in no time?

Take simple math calculations and start analyzing them from scratch. Don't give up when you falter. Keep trying until you get the answer. When you are able to find answers on your own, you feel exhilarated and confident and start doing Online Maths Tutor yourself. It's just the starting point, which is very important in doing math. Other good things will follow of their own accord.

Next, slowly progress to slightly more complicated sums. You might miss a step and skip to the next. Your application of the formula might have been wrong at a particular step. Don't feel bad Take a cancellation order and check step by step. Correct where you find mistakes. If you cannot solve the problem, contact your colleagues or teachers and solve the matter.

Practice is very important in doing math. When you have regular deadlines for math homework or assignments, your mind is focused on solving problems without stress. Also, when doing repeated calculations in certain areas of mathematics, you repeat the formulas and therefore find them easy to remember. This will help you a lot in your exam preparation.

Calculations, calculations, formulas, etc. are easy to do when you have the right methods, tips and suggestions to solve problems. The most important thing you need is good tutoring, which you can get from good online math tutors. Virtual setup with online tools is a good environment to learn math with ease.