Everyone knows the importance of water and the role it has on the human body.

The tragedy is many people are not drinking enough.

Those who should pay close attention to their water intake are people who are trying to lose weight, body build and stay fit.

Not many know that other than keeping our bodies fully hydrated, drinking ample water has many other advantages like - water helps speed up the metabolism of a human body, water improves the skin, water helps in better digestion and water hydrates muscle cells to help body builders lift more weight.

Research has resulted that approximately 80% of the population is acutely dehydrated and is thus suffering from low energy, pale skin and mood swings. Mild dehydration is also the most common cause for daytime fatigue in offices and schools. What needs to be done to avoid this condition is to drink about 10 to 12 glasses of water everyday.

The truth about water is that water is the single most vital nutrient which our body requires more than anything else in the world. Scientifically speaking, a human brain is 95% water, the muscles are 75% water, the lungs are almost 90% water and blood is 82% water, and is Grandma home remedies for weight loss and beauty therefore critically important for proper health, growth, and development of a human body.

It is one of the most important nutrients required by our body to balance all our body systems, including the heart, muscles, brain, kidneys and lungs. To more about the value of water and weight loss, read on...

Drink water for beautiful skin

Drinking adequate amount of water helps prevent sagging of skin at an early age. And in case you are working on losing weight, sagging skin can be a very normal after effect which can be avoided by drinking ample water to keep your skin firmer.

When you drink ample water, the body cells which are shrinking due to weight loss are buoyed by water, which makes your skin plump, keeping it clear and healthy.

Generally, water also acts like a natural beautifier keeping your skin soft, supple and glowing naturally. Always ensure a proper intake of water for a glowing and healthier skin, free of spots and wrinkles.

Water helps increase energy levels in a body

Water plays a very important role in energy transformation, since water is the medium through which all the energy reactions take place in a human body. If you drink less quantity of water, you will become dehydrated. Dehydration often leads a human body to become lethargic, leading to a low strength and endurance performance by you.

Water and weight loss and digestion

If you want to lose weight drinking water is one of the most important activities to be included in the list of your things to do. Drinking lots of water will make you feel less hungry, thus curbing your habit to snack every now and then. Also, drinking water during a meal helps the food to get digested easily, hence naturally suppressing your appetite. Drinking excess water also helps shedding of the stored fat inside the body which led to weight gain.

Water also helps in detoxifying your kidneys and liver and hence enhancing the internal digestive system of the body. Excess water intake also carries out with it, the extra waste stored in the body.

Proper intake of water reduces stress and fatigue

By providing refreshing an exhausted human body, water reduces stress and fatigue. Day fatigue which is most common to creep into you when you are working all day long in an office or school or working out in gym, can be avoided by immediately drinking a glass of cold water to keep your body fully hydrated and fresh. A dehydrated body is bound to be more stressed and weak than a hydrated one.

Water speeds up the metabolism rate of the body

Drinking adequate amount of water helps improve the digestive process of the body and also help's in keeping a healthy urinary tract and digestive system by detoxifying the waste which might be stored inside the body.

Water also helps burn fat in the human body, making it easier for the food to be digested and hence reduce constipation. This is especially important in the case of bodybuilders who often consume amounts of food, vitamins and supplements, which are much larger than the intake of a normal human body.

Drinking water decreases the risk of diseases

Studies have shown that an increased intake of water has been helpful in decreasing the risk of colon cancer by 45%. Drinking adequate amount has also been proved to reduce the risk of bladder cancer by 50% alongside reducing the potential risk of breast cancer in women.

Consuming lots of it also keeps your blood pure and free from its impurities alongside keeping your blood pressure normal and makes your body, muscles and bones healthier. Proper intake and hydration is also believed to prevent kidney stones and urinary tract infections.

So next time you feel like drinking a coffee, tea or soda, remind yourself that you have another natural and much safer option to decrease your fatigue and feel fresh. And that option is, to have a chilled glass of water!