Video shorts are hot!

Video shorts are the hottest new format to promote a business on TV, online or DVD. It is one of the most cost effective video productions and usually produced in a very short time. Video production editing or also called post production for shorts is not anymore as time consuming as it used to be and the hard-software for editing is getting less and less expensive.

Corporate shorts in Emmenegger Media TV production provides innovative videos to capture the essence of a story or product, and give a personal touch to help connect with the viewer. Shorts in any video production can be used for a range of needs: branding, sales, awareness, promotional, political, educational and informational uses. A video short intends a specific purpose in a corporate or B2B environment and watched by a targeted audience.

They can help craft the right message to promote and push a brand - and make it stand out visually.

Video production and post production editing for shorts aim to inform the audience, give more insight and a greater understanding about the world and its subjects. It becomes true: A great story starts with imagination.

Some of the first pioneers of video shorts and film TV production are the German born Director and cameraman Max Skladanowsky who built one of the first film cameras in 1890. For his first film, Bioskop, he used to loops of 54mm film, one frame being projected alternately from each. This made it possible to project at 16 frames per sec, sufficient to create the illusion of movement.

Video production editing was done linear to this time therefore it was very limited and time consuming.

Also the man who has been called the "father of the documentary film production, Robert Flaherty," born in 1884 (Michigan U.S) produced short films. Flaherty produced Nanook of the North, A Story Of Life and Love In the Actual Arctic, the first feature length documentary film production, in 1922.

Not to forget that his video production editing was still done linear, in compare to today's much faster non-linear video editing suites.

Another pioneer work in video and film production was the earliest known feature length narrative film in the world, an Australian production called THE STORY OF THE KELLY GANG (1906).

Or did you know that one of the world's first film studios, The Limelight Department was operated by The Salvation Army in Melbourne, Australia, between 1897 and 1910? It produced about 300 films of various lengths, making it the largest film producer of its time.

Since then workflow of video production, post production editing and equipment of a cameraman has changed tremendously. As well the platforms it screens and the aims it is targeting.

Strong believes are that in the common years 70% of all web based content will be bundled in video shorts, vodcast (podcast video).

Therefore every company and individual should start to think in this direction to stay effective and promote their business online with a podcast video.

Corporate Shorts provide innovative podcast videos for a website to capture the essence of a business, and give a personal touch to help connect with the audience. An effective online podcast video presence is the future promotional and informational vehicle.

Today most TV channels stream their video content on the web because people like to follow up shows and programmes they missed or just want to be more flexible with viewing times.

What is anyway the difference between podcast and vodcast?

Podcast is Audio for web only

Vodcast is Video and Audio for web

By that post production or non-linear video production editing becomes highly increased and has changed dramatically as well.

In compared to film production 50 years ago, today's video editor can edit your video footage at points that are both creative and logical. Video production editing can be done in very short time in house or on location with a mobile video editor and edit suite. Using digital video footage, they can create sophisticated animated text effects, special effects and combine movies with still images.

With original or existing digital footage the video editor can animate, transform and composite multiple movies and images, apply colour correction, improve audio quality and add animations.

Video editor can use video footage to combine green-screen interview footage with customized virtual sets while adding convincing effects like virtual shadows and reflections in your video production edit.

This was not possible in the early stages of film and video production! A TV or film producer, director or cameraman needed many hours of work and post production was very limited.

Understanding HD Video Production

Video Production is a broad definition which covers taping, editing and distributing a video product. Videos can be for commercial use, television, corporate and other events such as weddings, birthday parties and anniversaries. With the advent of, and the ever increasing popularity of Social Networking, many people are making videos of themselves, their families, their pets, their garage bands and so on, and uploading them to the web. Sometimes these videos go viral, and become huge hits all over the world. You channels are set up to make money, and with the web, almost anyone can have their 15 minutes of fame - so there is a lot of incentive for people everywhere to learn about Video Production, HD video in Lafayette, LA. A garage band in Lafayette, LA with good equipment and some know how can make a video of one of their songs, preferably in HD Video (High Definition Video), add it to You, and have the potential for international exposure.

In order for Video Production, HD video in Lafayette, LA to be successful, and to produce a polished product, it is best to follow the tried and tested formula used by professionals everywhere. Our garage band in Lafayette, LA should break up their shoot into Pre-production, Production and Post-production phases. Pre-production is where you plan your shoot, before the camera starts rolling. This is where you decide whether you are going to use HD Video, which is any video system which uses a higher resolution than standard definition video. The reasons for doing this are not only visual. HD Video Production will improve sound quality as well.

In this phase of Video Production, the person who is going to be in charge of directing the shoot of the Lafayette, LA garage band should be looking at locations, props, figuring out the budget, and working out a storyboard, so that the finished product is makes sense. That way, by the time production begins, and the camera starts rolling, everyone knows what to do, and the shoot can proceed smoothly. After the shoot, comes the Post Production phase. This is where you capture all footage, organize it and edit it. With good video editing software, you can add in all manner of special effects, text, music, and color, screen transitions and so on. Post Production is an art in itself, and a critical factor in the success of a video.

As mentioned previously, Video Production, HD video in Lafayette, LA is also used for events. While you have to plan the shoot by scouting the location, and checking the lighting, setting up equipment and deciding on angles, you don't have the luxury of reshooting footage over and again to conform to a storyboard. And if a couple has hire you to do the HD Video Production for their romantic Lafayette, LA wedding, they will not be amused if you have a camera malfunction or other disaster just as they say their 'I do's'. There is immense scope for Video Production of events - Proms, High School Graduations, first day of school, corporate events - the list goes on and on. Kevin Emmenegger As with planned shoots, Post Production is very important. Whether or not you use effects, and what type effects you use will very much follow the theme of the event you have been asked to capture. If you are looking for someone to do Video Production of an event for you, make sure you see their portfolio, and check out a couple of references. You don't want your once-in-a-lifetime event ruined by incompetence.

Obviously the quality of Video Production is going to depend greatly on the training and experience of those doing it, but you don't have to be a professional to produce a great product. There are many talented amateurs, and learning Video Production can be a stimulating hobby. Budget plays a huge role - equipment for Video Production, HD video in Lafayette, LA can vary from run of the mill cell phone video cameras, to extremely expensive, top of the range items. HD Video - high definition video will produce a superior quality product, but it will require more expensive equipment, and it uses more bandwidth on the web. Not all videos are uploaded to the web - the final product can be burned onto a DVD or CD and distributed in that way. The Garage Band from Lafayette, LA could upload the final product to the web, and hand out a couple of DVD's to friends, family and local fans. Video Production, whether HD or not, is something anyone can do!