One of the most common mistakes is opening the door to a stranger without checking first. Before opening the door, it is necessary to authenticate the identity of the person at the door. In general, housewives and children have this tendency to open the door to any unknown visitor, especially vendors. They have absolutely no idea that these people could be burglars disguised as salespeople. In a way, the homeowners unknowingly invite danger to themselves. However, to avoid such opportunities, you can install video intercoms to communicate with each person before opening the door. It is an access control system that is increasingly being used as a home security measure. Intercoms are one-way video components that allow the homeowner to see the person concerned at the door before opening it. Many of these intercoms give you the option to speak to the person at the door. So you can not only see the person, but also talk to them via the intercom without having to open the door. This will give you a rough idea of whether or not to open the door.

Installing an intercom system

Installing an intercom is easy. All you have to do is install the camera outside your home near the doorbell and the display unit or monitor anywhere in your home. When someone rings the doorbell, you need to press the intercom button, the camera will be activated and you can see the person at the door. Intercoms are one of the most effective tools of security systems to prevent theft and burglary. Even in your absence, these intercoms can automatically display and record the arrival of each visitor with the date and time. They have built-in memory chips and sensory devices that allow them to perform such activities when you're not home.

Even if no one is at the door, you can still press the intercom button to see the outside of your home for security. If you have something suspicious about a specific person outside of your home, you can also take pictures over the intercom by simply pressing the monitor button and Türsprechanlage holding it for a few moments while the person concerned is being photographed.

Intercom systems are high

Intercoms are highly recommended for people living in apartments since most burglaries take place in such places, especially when children are alone. Since intercoms are easy-to-use devices, you can instruct your kids to look through the intercom first before opening the door to a stranger. This way you can not only protect your family but also let the police know if you are concerned about the person on your doorstep. Before letting the person in, you can ask irrelevant questions to authenticate their identity. This gives the law enforcement authorities the time they need to get to you and apprehend the offender. Intercom is another device that will help you fight crime.

Let's summarize the benefits that an intercom system can bring to your home security:

  • Before you open the door, you can see the person outside through the intercom.
  • Since intercoms have built-in recording devices, you can use the recording to see who was visiting your home while you were away.
  • You can prevent your children from opening the door to strangers.
  • An intercom allows you to take snapshots of the stranger outside your outdoor space if needed.
  • Intercoms increase the overall security of your home and family members in your absence.