Tire repairs no longer have to be carried out by drivers handy reparaturen themselves. There are many tire repair shops anywhere YOU would drive; Also, that good old spare tire is always available in the trunk of the car or under the truck YOU drive. But think about it, there may be times when you're driving through a remote area with no repair shops or local residents who can help with a flat tire. Worse, the car or truck YOU drive doesn't have a spare tire, and for some reason YOU need to get out of that spot as soon as possible.

Well, simple tire problems like a nail hole in the tire tread can be repaired by the motorists themselves when they are in the above situation. You only need pliers to remove the nail that pierced the tire tread, a jack to raise the vehicle, a wrench to remove the tire, a small tire pump and a tire repair kit (you can buy a repair kit) . kit from one of your hardware or auto parts store orders). Tire repair kits may vary in packaging. Typical ones have a rasp tool, an insertion tool, and a few strands of connector strips/mending cords (others have a tube of rubber cement - an adhesive for the connector strips).

The first thing to do is park the car on a level surface on the curb, then make sure the engine is off and the parking brakes are on before raising the side with the flat tire with a jack. If you can find something handy to lock any of the wheels other than the flat one to make sure the car doesn't move, especially if it's already jacked up, you better do it. Be sure. You don't do something like this every day, so you have to proceed with caution. Remove the flat tire by loosening the lug nuts with the tire wrench and try to remove the nail from it with your pliers. Get the rasp tool from the tire repair kit and scrape the nail hole to widen it and remove some obstacles. Inject some rubber cement into the hole before inserting a repair cord/dowel strip with the insertion tool. Insert the strip up to the hole and pull out the insertion tool. A residual thread may protrude from the surface e of the tire tread, which must be cut off with a sharp blade. The connector strip must be flush with the tire tread. This prevents the strip from being removed while driving. After this repair, the tire is now ready to be inflated with your handy motor pump or even a foot-operated inflator. Then YOU can now fit the tire, lower your car, remove the jack and wheel blocks and then leave the area with good tires and a smooth ride.

It's beneficial to have a tubeless tire repair kit and handy tire pump with your jack and tire wrench when traveling, especially in remote locations. Be prepared for such situations. Tire repair - you can do it yourself.

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