Timber flooring is considered to be a highly aesthetic way of enhancing the look and feel of your home or office. Typical timber flooring is done using reclaimed timber, which was originally used in barns, or other constructions and then reclaimed to be used as a flooring material. Typical reclaimed timber that is used, is sometimes has a grain on the surface from wear and tear. They are also come with the usual cracks, holes and marks that are associated with their original location and then reused for timber flooring. Because of the width of the timber they are also known as plank flooring. Some reclaimed wood like chestnut is a very expensive find and they are one of the best qualities for making timber flooring. They are often dark coffee in color or even chocolate. Typical vintage timber planks can be found with the dealers who reclaim the timber from Daniel Dekan various places really and they resale it for making timber flooring. Apart from that new planks can be obtained from mills, contractors selling wood. You can contact any of the timber flooring Perth specialists and find out the suitability and costs of the same.

Solid wooden plank flooring offers

Apart from the looks that a solid wooden plank flooring offers, there are a lot of disadvantages as well for using them. Solid wooden planks absorb moisture and they also twist and expand due to extreme temperatures and pressure. They are thus not advisable to be used directly over concrete floors unless you apply a moisture barrier. There are other options for wooden / timber flooring. Engineered timber or wooden flooring uses two or three layers of wood which is attached to one other and are structurally stronger and can withstand more pressure and temperature. They are used as alternative to natural wooden planks or timber planks in modern constructions.

Bamboo flooring is sometimes confused as a wooden flooring material. In fact bamboo is a grass and though it is also used in flooring it is not the same thing in property as timber flooring. Also laminate flooring is a different thing completely. It uses a thin layer of image of a wood which is pasted on top of a different material which is then unpacked from boxes and fitted to the floor using hinges and clicks. Typically these artificial flooring materials are more durable and sustainable because of their strength. They are easy to install and easy to maintain. However natural wooden planks have more sand able area which is why they can be easily used to withstand multiple sanding. On the other hand they are limited in terms of the width that they can come in and thus they will have more than desired space in between. With better technology water proof coating and other erosion resistant materials coming into the market laminate flooring has become a lot more of a cost effective and durable choice. Laminate wooden planks do not need to be fastened or nailed to the floor and they can be fitted easily on the floor and replaced if damaged.

However connoisseurs of wooden flooring still prefers Daniel Dekan the rugged and tough look of a recycled timber or wooden flooring which is why they are still in demand. With the help of a wood flooring Perth specialist you can transform your home and make it have a great look and feel.