This Week an estimated 90,000 people are expected to descend on New Park in Brockehurst for the annual New Forest and Hampshire County Show. The show is regarded as one of the top 10 agricultural and equestrian show in the country and enjoys a Ferienwohnung im Schwarzwald fantastic reputation both locally and nationally. 

Some of the highlights of this years show will include

This year the show falls on the 28th, 29th and 30th July, and promises another great day out for the countryside and wider communities. Some of the highlights of this years show will include the 2009 New Forest Pig Racing Championship which takes place in the main ring, as does the amazing Jamie Squibb Motorcycle Stunt Display Team who are sure to delight and amaze the crowd. The 2009 show will also be paying a special salute to the Women's Land Army which did so much for the area and the county has a whole during the Second World War.

The New Forest and Hampshire County Show was first held in 1921 and has gone on to create an illustrious heritage earning it a glowing reputation and placing itself firmly in the hearts of locals. The show is often regarded as the highlight of the social calendar in the New Forest and its popularity shows no sign of fading.

Farmers, pet owners and stable hands have been spending

The main attraction for many at the show will of course be the animals on display. Farmers, pet owners and stable hands have been spending weeks and months getting their animals in tip top condition as they battle it out for a range of prestigious prizes. Its not just the traditional farm animals on display either, though there of course will be plenty of them, there are a whole host of other animals at this years show with rabbits and horses and everything in between. There will also be a number of animal shows with horse jumping, heavy horse musical drive and the amazing sheep show!

A number of improvement have been made to the New Park show ground in order to make sure that visitors have the best possible experience of the show. Roads in to the showground's car parks have been leveled to make it easier for cars to get in and out. A new motor bike parking area has been created to cater for all the bikers who visit the show. A cattle grid has also been out into place to make sure that no ponies try to recreate the great escape.

Bamboo Forest - The Epitome Of Bamboo Beauty

Observing the natural beauty of a bamboo forest is truly a sight to behold. The dense bamboo plantation comprises of hundreds of varieties, and display an innate and picturesque not seen anywhere else. A visit to a Bamboo forest is a memorable experience. If you are planning to do the same, then this article will show you which place are the best options to visit. Additionally, we will also be throwing some light on what other plants grow there, and why some places are more suitable for bamboo plantation than others.

The Famous Shinto Shrines in Japan

One of the most well-known Bamboo forest areas are around the Shinto shrines in Japan. Apart from famous as the place for worshipping the Shinto gods, they are known for putting up dense bamboo plantation around the shrine in order to keep evil spirits away.

Although Shinto shrines forests are limited to Japan, Bamboo forest are found in other regions of the world including the United States and India. They are typically referred to as a Grove, and are places designed for meditational purposes for the inhabitants. Listening to the sound of bamboo groves moving back and forth with the breeze while you are walking into a bamboo grove is a surreal experience indeed.

Apart from their aesthetic appeal, bamboo groves are also used for agricultural purposes. In many areas, these plants are grown for the sole purpose of creating paper for commercial reasons. Since bamboo keeps reproducing itself, they can be used continually for creating paper over and over again. This makes it a lucrative and profitable business model where groves comprising of quite a few forms are used regularly for paper or lumber.

Other Available Options for Bamboo Plant Lovers

Apart from commercial uses, you can Ferienwohnung im Schwarzwald observe a multitude of different bamboo types by visiting a bamboo garden. Comprising of hundreds of variety of such plants, such gardens are built for people to relax in or learn more about the bamboo itself. At such places, people with abundant knowledge about these plants will tell you some little known facts about the plantations. Known as Bamboo sorcery, the area is spread over eight acres and comprises of hundreds of different shapes and sizes.