Recently, the term Ausbildung Geistiges Heilen was mentioned by a friend as something that many people are seeking and it inspired us to write about it.

As we see it, all of Creation works through the sharing and transference of energy. With every interaction that occurs, whether it is between minerals, vegetables, animals, humans or angels, energy is exchanged. It is a natural process and one of the ways in which all substances and beings evolve and grow, always moving toward balance. It is a natural form of healing. When we deliberately provide healing for a person or circumstance we use this energy transference process in a conscious and directed way.

The energy used in healing can come from any source depending on what is needed. It can come from within the healer or from outside.

We engage in healing work ourselves and teach extensively on spirituality and esoteric subjects, but the term Spiritual Healing is not one that we commonly use. We tend to use the terms energy healing, non-physical healing or mostly just plain healing. We don't use the words Spiritual Healing because we define the aspects of Creation, that is, the mind, Soul and Spirit very specifically, which helps us to understand ourselves and our relationship with the non-physical realms. We see the mind, including the physical, as the finite world of the planes, Soul as a state of Oneness and Spirit as being God or All.

Soul and Spirit are infinite states of perfection and wholeness and do not pertain to the movement of energy, which belongs to the mind. As healing involves energy transference, we see it as belonging firmly within the realm of the mind and so we do not use the word 'Spiritual' in relation to healing. The Soul and the Spirit are whole and perfect in themselves. All we have to do is realise this so that we can live within their grace.

We feel that knowledge of the terms and correct use of them are valuable, but the most important part of healing work is what motivates it and that is compassion, love and the wish to alleviate suffering. Healing is a wonderful, uplifting activity. It is very rewarding, even though that is not our reason for doing it.

Every person is by nature a healer

Every person is by nature a healer and with sincere application anyone can bring forth this wondrous ability. The important thing is to start in whatever ways are possible for you. Physical ailments, emotional problems and even dysfunctional or difficult circumstances all can be healed.

Healing can be done as a private work within the mind or it can be delivered through formal healing sessions using whatever modality or technique the healer is trained in. Healing can be performed individually or as part of a healing group. Using mental healing techniques, the person to be healed does not even have to be present.

The qualities that make one person a more effective healer than another are intent, sincerity, doing one's best and belief. These characteristics can be cultivated and strengthened by contemplating their relevance and through dedication. They are refined ways of thinking that have a higher vibration and allow energy to flow through smoothly. They also encourage clarity and a joyful yet calm approach. Less refined emotions get in the way of energy flow and cloud the mind.

  • Intent is the clear and focused intention to heal. Ideally, it needs to be untainted by other personal emotions or attachment.
  • Sincerity involves having an earnest and wholehearted approach. Being sincere is not the same as being serious, which is heavy and tiring. Sincerity is bright and filled with light.
  • Doing your best, as we use the term here, means making a proportionate and balanced effort rather than an excessive effort. Extremes are never best. They lack balance and can have no part in healing, which restores balance. As well, they contribute to burnout in the healer as they are unsustainable. Healing work done in a balanced way is not only more effective in the long term; it is also never draining or tiring.
  • Belief is necessary, belief in what you are doing, in the fact that healing is available and that the person can be healed. Belief allows you to envisage the result of the healing with confidence and a clear expectation of results.
  • Compassion and integrity hold the healing in place so that its effects can continue long after the healing work has taken place. They are metaphysical binding agents.
  • Compassion comes directly from kindness, consideration, caring and empathy, all aspects of love. When you feel compassion for someone you lift them up and illuminate them. Compassion is nothing like sympathy, which usually involves feeling sorry for someone. This is not usually uplifting or helpful in a healing sense. It can maintain the problem or sometimes contribute to making it worse.
  • Integrity means having a sound, honest and factual approach. It means that you hold the healing in mind as a simple, complete and incorruptible idea. You allow it to be simply itself, nothing more or less. Allow yourself to be simply as you are. It is enough.

You naturally have access to energies or vibrations that match your own nature and levels of growth but with the above qualities in place, you are able to access and bring through energy that is of a much higher vibration than your own. Developing these qualities is a good base for becoming a healer, whether of the mind or the body. You can't wait until you're perfect before starting, however. You need to begin and the expansion of ability will come. There is always extra help available to you as well. You are never alone. Higher beings and forces come to your assistance whenever you ask for their help and at times even without being asked. These facts are wonderfully reassuring, uplifting and exciting, as well as being a great resource for healing yourself and others.

Another helpful approach is to be, on the whole, positive and constructive in everyday life. A healer doesn't need to be a saint. Everyone has bad days, but habits of thinking such as criticism or other negative attitudes are not healing approaches. They are destructive, which is exactly the opposite of healing. Being a healing type of person can't be switched on and off when required. It is a way of life.

If you are committed to being a healer, every opportunity needs to be taken to be of service in this way. Healing then becomes an integrated part of life rather than something that is done on particular occasions. You can work with healing everywhere you go, in the street, in the shopping mall, in fact, anywhere. Healing with the mind rather than through techniques requiring physical activity comes into its own in these circumstances as it can be done without anyone knowing it is occurring. It is not even necessary to sit quietly or close your eyes to do it. With a minimum of practice, you can provide whatever is needed, quickly and effectively.

Opportunity to practise healing

We ourselves take every opportunity to practise healing. If we see someone with an obvious injury or illness, we give them a quick blast of healing energy. If a friend mentions someone who is sick, we send appropriate healing immediately, without even pausing in our conversation. As human beings, we all have great untapped ability and are far more efficient than we give ourselves credit for. The mind is an amazing resource. Lack of confidence in ourselves and in the power of the mind make us think that healing is difficult and that we need to sit down and close our eyes to be effective. Trust that you have greater ability than you currently know and begin acting as if you believe in yourself. In this way, you can unlock miraculous abilities you didn't know you had.

A lovely thing to do that is consistent with a healing lifestyle is to attempt to leave every circumstance you encounter better than you found it. A kind word or a smile can brighten the most humdrum of circumstances and there is always some word, action or energy we can contribute, even in the direst of situations.

Whatever mode of healing you choose to use, you will benefit from spending time relaxing before beginning any structured healing work. There are many excellent relaxation exercises available. A simple one involves lying or sitting down with eyes closed and imagining being in a special place. It can be a real place or an imaginary scene through which you can wander at will, enjoying its peace and beauty. This helps to let go of tension and personal issues so as to be uncluttered and available for healing work.

There are many techniques that can be used when healing with the mind. Here are some examples:

o Filling the lack: Every sickness of body or mind is an imbalance that arises from a lack of something: a missing ingredient whose presence would complete the picture and allow rebalancing and healing to take place. An advanced healing technique involves using the mind to fill this lack. This can be done without ever knowing what the lack is. First allow the mind to be free of preconceptions as much as possible. Then hold in mind the knowledge that you want to provide whatever will fill the lack that exists in the person to be healed. Understand and accept that some part of your mind knows what is needed and can bring it in. Trust that this is occurring. The mind is capable of many great wonders. We just have to learn to stay out of its way. Conscious thoughts and inclinations need to be put aside. Healers using this type of technique will often not know what has been done and it is not really important to know. It is the healing work itself that matters. It might not even be something that can be easily understood here in the physical world.

A variation of this technique can be used when it is possible for you to determine what is lacking and needed to rebalance a situation. For example, if a person is observed to be very angry, you can easily come to a conclusion that calmness and understanding would restore balance. You can then deliberately feel these as deeply as possible and mentally send them to him or her.


A simple, effective and well known Ausbildung Geistiges Heilen method involves visualising or creating a picture in the mind's eye of the patient in a healthy and perfect state. This technique is very handy, as you do not need to know details of the condition needing healing. It is a very positive approach as it pays no attention to the problem, but focuses entirely on the healthy image. Anyone who has trouble with seeing pictures in the mind can imagine and think about the person being healthy instead of visualising them. This is effective when done with conviction and dedication.

Working with the Divine Template

Like filling the lack, this is another more advanced technique involving trust in the power of your mind. Every person has a Divine Template. It is the perfect pattern upon which he or she was formed. In the course of coming into physical form and from circumstances created in everyday living, people go out of balance. They fall away from the template and no longer follow its perfect instructions, thus creating imbalance and illness. A wonderful and very effective healing technique involves mentally reintroducing the Divine Template so that gradually the person is drawn closer to its original design. It is not possible to visualise the template, as it has no recognisable form. It is enough to imagine the process occurring and to hold in mind the knowledge of it. Holding in mind the sure knowledge of something is very powerful.

Acting on someone's behalf

Sometimes a person who is mentally or physically ill needs to do something or make some mental effort to help contribute to getting better. This could be anything at all, but examples are, keeping positive and hopeful of a cure or being patient and allowing time to heal. If the patient cannot find the strength or the will to do something of this nature for himself, then it is possible to do it for him. For example, you can hold in mind positive and hopeful thoughts of a cure for him, frequently revisiting and reinforcing the ideas, knowing all the while that you are doing it, not as your own thoughts, but on his behalf, as if they were his thoughts. In this way, the benefit of your efforts will go to him and contribute to his healing.

A variation of this technique involves performing a physical action that you would normally feel good about achieving, for example, willingly and thoroughly cleaning your own house. Whilst cleaning, know that you are dedicating your efforts to the person you wish to heal, rather than doing it for your own benefit. What usually makes you feel good about your efforts is the positive energy you create through achieving what you set out to do. Instead of basking in this energy, allow it to go to the person to be healed.

o Healing Circles: An energy circle is a way that a group of people can work together to heal. These are also known as power circles or healing circles. The participants sit in a circle in whatever way is comfortable for them, considering that the position might need to be held for some time. It is effective, but not absolutely necessary, to hold hands to create an energy link. It is best for correct energy flow if the back is kept straight. One person is chosen to do the mental healing work through visualisation or whatever technique has been decided by the group and every other member of the circle directs energy to that person to be used for the healing. Some people are more effective in this working role than others and in some circles it is beneficial for it to be the same person each time the circle meets. A consistent and effective working pattern can be set up in this way. Sometimes, however, it is useful for the members of the circle to take turns so that everyone becomes proficient in both roles. This is a personal choice for the circle members.

The wonderful thing about healing circles

The wonderful thing about healing circles is that whenever a group is gathered together for a single agreed purpose, additional energy comes from beyond to join with their efforts. Thus, a healing circle is greater than the combined energy and ability of the individuals in it. The greater the degree of harmony between people in the circle, at least in terms of the healing work, the more energy the circle creates.

With many types of mental healing, it is not even necessary to know the name of the person to be healed or the nature of their ailment. This is particularly useful in cases where a person's privacy needs to be respected or it is inappropriate to be too inquisitive. For example, you might hear someone mention a friend who is sick or injured. You can perform healing work for that person without needing to ask for any further details. The mind always knows what is needed. In these cases, it is best not to be tempted to try to speculate on what might be needed, unless you are extremely and accurately intuitive. Leave it to the power of your mind. The only important thing is the intent to heal and applying yourself to doing so.

You have the freedom to choose the ways you use your mind and whether or not to send healing. The person on the receiving end also has a choice about whether or not to take in the healing work. This is a natural process that is governed by the person's entire makeup and occurs whether or not the person is consciously aware that healing is being done. No matter how good our intentions, we cannot force people to be healed. Healing work needs to be given as an offering.

We seek to understand or reflect

We can all be healers every day of our lives, at every moment. Whenever we seek to understand or reflect on ourselves and our world, we grow. Growth and realisation are in themselves forms of personal healing. When we act with kindness and openness and aren't afraid to share ourselves with others, we spread whatever types of energy we can access to whoever and whatever is around us. We effortlessly become natural Earth Healers, offering healing and elevation to every person, animal, plant, mineral or particle of matter around us, without ever really needing to think about it.