A commercial business is any business that caters to the general public. This generally then means companies like restaurants or small local shops, and anything else where you go in and speak to someone to get served. In such a business the property of course plays a highly important role. This is because the property not only acts as the portal through which you can order the services or products, but also as the advertizement and even the store room for the stock and the office for the staff. Without this then the business couldn't exist in any form.

It then follows that if you own a commercial property then you should do everything in your power to look after it and to ensure it stays in perfect Fassade condition.

One of the very best ways to do this is with roller shutters. If you have ever walked down a high street at night then you will have encountered these before. These are the large metal facades that cover the front of a shop or cover the doors and that can be rolled up or down. Normally they are made from a thin metal material and often there will be a large stick attachment for reaching the top to pull it down when it is open.

These metal covers then have a huge number of different benefits that you can make the most of and that will help to keep your shop in top condition. First of all, these roller shutters are useful of course as a way of protecting your store. Shutting the cover up for the night will hide the front of your shop from passers by and this right away makes you less of a target for a range of crimes from vandalism to theft. It is an unfortunate fact of life that many people will consider breaking and entering a store, or even just smashing the window vindictively and this can cost your business a huge amount of money not only to repair the damage but also potentially to replace valuable stock. A shutter can this way not only hide your store and your belongings, but also protect it making it much more difficult to damage.

Not all damage to a shop front of course is going to be vindictive in nature, and sometimes it is simply a matter of someone accidentally falling into your window, or something being thrown up from the road. Regardless of the reason though, being able to defend your store from damage can potentially save you a huge amount of money and also help to keep your business looking presentable.

On top of this you can also make less work for yourself with metal shutters which can similarly protect your windows from bird droppings, dirty rain water and other potential stains and marks. This also provides an extra layer of insulation for your store helping you to save on your heating bill and avoid damp and mold setting in. This insulation is also helpful in the case of a fire and can be used to contain a blaze, which is one of the main reasons that metal shutters are also used in residential properties.

Tips to Recover Facades

The effect of water on the facades manifested mainly through stains and run-off, but the degradation of the housing interior is the major consequence.

In addition to the natural wear of the materials, the anomalies that arise on the walls should be generally the following factors:

  • Movements of the structure;

    Lack of maintenance;

    • Deficiencies of construction;

    • Characteristics of the existing coating;

Painting facades

The facade of a house should always be in good condition so that it could protect the house effectively.

A damaged coating fails to perform the barrier function to environmental agents, can compromise the quality of the interior of the housing.

Hints and Tips

  • It is very important that the facades of a dwelling remain in good condition.
  • The facades are to be rehabilitated when they begin to present some kind of degradation.
  • A faster or slower degradation depends on various factors such as the area where the house and materials that were used.
  • Very rough zone causes a much more rapid deterioration of the materials. It is very important that the materials are of high quality.
  • The quality of the applied paint has a direct relation to the time it takes surfaces to reach the state of degradation.
  • Painting of a facade must be performed in good weather, if there is rain prospects not initiate the work. We advise so that this work is only carried out, depending on some of the country's area (south / north), in general between the months of May and September.
  • It is not recommended to apply the paint on very hot supports for sun exposure, since due to the paint to dry too quickly runs the risk of forming cracks.
  • Also not recommended to apply the paint when the ambient temperature is below 5 ° C, and when the relative humidity exceeds 80%.
  • Always use high-quality paint, especially outdoors. This is a golden rule.
  • Cheap paint, exposed to outdoor Dämmung für Fassade conditions, sun, rain, etc., will spoil very quickly and put the walls of unprotected housing.

Before making a paint job, should carry out an assessment (more) the most correct possible problems that may exist on the walls of the room. Only in possession of a well done diagnosis it is that you can decide the best paint scheme using.

When the problem is cracking, which manifest themselves in the coating but usually come from the plaster based on the need to remove the existing coating must be evaluated, treating the problem at the origin and coated again.

Whatever the situation it is advisable always an integral approach, evaluating the facade as a whole.


  1. Remove all the troublesome objects that may exist on the walls, such as posters, nails, screws, etc;
  2. Wash the entire surface with high pressure machine (40 bars), and let it dry;
  3. Carry out all necessary repairs, replace the deteriorated concrete, seal the cracks and cover the holes;
  4. Apply an anti-fungal solution, if necessary;
  5. Apply a primer coat, fixer, sealant or other depending on the situation, suitable for exterior walls;
  6. Finally proceed to paint using the paint as the most appropriate state of the wall. This ink should always be of great quality, and should follow the instructions given by the manufacturer, such as; dilution, drying time, etc.


Facades coated with ceramic material with cracks and damaged joints originate water leaks and moisture, therefore it is necessary to deal with this problem as quickly as possible. Let's see how to do;

  1. Remove all awkward adhesions that may exist on the walls, such as posters, nails, screws, etc;
  2. Wash the entire surface with a pressure washer (water jet) with dilute hydrochloric acid in water;
  3. Carry out all repairs of cracks and joints with a mass of repairs to exterior mixed with 10% cement;
  4. Sand all areas repaired to regularize the surface;
  5. Apply a coat of aqueous primer, insulating from various spots and outdoor for adhesion promoter (type Stop stains);
  6. Finally proceed to painting, using a flexible membrane acrylic photo-cross linking for façade protection. This ink should be of great quality and always follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.