Music and sound is able to give certain effect on the brain. Nowadays, there are some therapies which use sound and music as their treatment. One of the popular therapies is music and sound massage therapy. This kind of treatment has been proven to be able to result direct positive mental effects. In addition, it is claimed to be able to provide long-term physical effects to the body. With the combination of massage and sound, you can get the utmost benefit from it.

Formerly, music and sound massage therapy heilmasseurin wien used under the theory that is sound is able to affect the brain significantly. Peter Hess Institute mentioned that sound has been used for the therapy for over 5,000 years. It was initially used by the Indian. They believed that the harmony of the body and the surrounding was able to make a stimulus for creative lives. Traditionally, sound massage therapy utilizes singing bowls for creating the sound. On the other hand, music therapy utilizes particular type of music. The combination of these two therapies is able to create the psychological and physical changes.

Sound therapy

Peter Hess Institute also says that sound therapy is done by placing the singing bowls on the body or quite close to the body. This bowl is then gently tapped to the body with a felt mallet. The sounds and the vibrations of the bowls are able to induce the feeling of peace and well-being in the body. Similarly, musical massage therapy uses music for the treatment. It has certain overtones, beats, and resonance to create the feeling of harmony and peacefulness. Music which is commonly used is classical music along with the high and low frequency and tones. Constant changes of the frequency and tone will be able to stimulate the ear which then will act as the stimulus for brain.

There are some great benefits you can take from music klangschalenmassage and sound massage therapy. You will be able to achieve direct relaxation as well as stress relief. Pain Break mentions the immediate effects include enhanced mental clarity, muscle tension relief, increased body energy as well as improved emotional stability. Some other immediate effects which you can take from his kind of therapy are improved sleeping patterns, enhanced creativity, increased energy, and also increased energy.

Instead of direct effects, this kind of therapy is able to treat some other conditions such as high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, and stress. In addition, it is also able to improve the physical conditions including pain during baby birth, back pain, tinnitus relief, and also arthritis pain.