One of the questions I get asked a lot is, "Cory, how do I motivate my people?"

First things first... let's define "your employees". Your employees are defined simply as your employees, your organization and yourself. I always piss off a few people when I say this, but you have to look in the mirror for a long time before you focus on over-motivating your people. Even if you are personally motivated to get your job done, the general attitude that you reflect in and around your facility is often reflected in your co-workers. Don't let a few bad apples spoil your attitude towards the rest of your employee.

Now let's get back to the question. "How do you motivate your people?" This is an excellent question, but an impossible one to answer. It's impossible to answer because... it's impossible to do. You will never be able to motivate your people.

Let me explain... Motivation is a force that comes from within a person. None of us have the power (or authority) to motivate another person. Although you may try (and many do), if you try to force motivation on your employees, you will fail. So, now the next fritzbox router kaufen question: "If not motivation, then what?" The answer to that is worth a million dollars (at least I think so!).

Inspiration is the answer. Learning and applying the differences between motivation and inspiration can mean the difference between an institution that robs you of positivity and one where everyone is happy to serve. Inspiration is a force that comes from outside.

I remember that one of the first people who inspired me was my 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Fritz. Not only did she allow me to be me, she encouraged it a lot. I've always been a lateral thinker, and that sometimes embarrasses parents, but Ms. Fritz encouraged me to do so. She feeds my creative side and kept telling me, "You have more in you, I know!" I never felt like she scolded me for not doing my best, but she had a unique art of inspiring me to do my best and do my best. Ms. Fritz was able to get me to motivate myself by inspiring me to reach my potential.

The same goes for your people. Let them know you value what they do, but you also know they can do more...provide even better care. See more in your people than they can see in themselves. When you discover how to inspire whenever you never think about motivation again. Become the Frau Fritz in your facility and inspire your employees to... and do their best. Who knows, you might be the first person in your entire life to realize that you can be more.

Cory Geffre is an author, speaker, trainer, and thought leader in the fritzbox gebraucht long-term care industry. Cory works with Long-Term Care Administrators, Assistant Administrators, Nurse Directors, Assistant Nurse Directors, Human Resource Directors/Managers and Human Resource Educators, helping them to achieve excellence and unleash the maximum potential from their people, organizations and themselves.