You can learn to develop the Super Good Luck activating mind-set, the subconscious framework that compels good fortune to unfold into your life. This article takes you -step-by-step- into decidedly structuring this Super Good Luck activating mind-set. And what you're about to read is not "pie in the sky" idealism...but tested, proven factors that produce mega-results for'll see! And hey...EVERYONE needs some solid good luck now!

Literally, people who are continually lucky cause and create their OWN good luck - an affinity which, once learned, will enable you to begin experiencing the success, and personal gain you've been hoping for and - deep down - categorically know you should be experiencing!

How can you begin to cause your own good luck? Following are 6 proven luck instigating factors. I encourage you to read – and Atraer buena suerte y dinero implement each purposefully, and diligently. In so doing, you'll come to enjoy measurable good luck - Yes -- notable life enhancement...and life empowering good fortune:

Know Exactly What You Want

And Imaginatively Position It (And Yourself In Relation To It) As An Already Accomplished Fact In Your Life, And/Or Already In Your Possession:

Many think the absence of the "bad", is the good. Not so. And that's why they keep getting more of what they don't want -- because that's what they keep mentally engaging (i.e., what they don't want). The good is something entirely different. And you must clearly mentally define, structure, and then embrace it as real, tangible, and!

Why? So your subconscious mind can begin directing your creative power toward unfolding and manifesting the (specific) good you now start mentally positioning as the object of your desire (i.e., what you WANT).

Remember: You're always unconsciously creating your life, experiences and results. So begin implicitly mentally defining what you want -- and graphically experience yourself either reflecting and/or in full possession of it now. Yes - Now!

2.) Before Engaging A Process Or SituationPresume Things Will Work Out For You:

Experiencing a solid good luck response or result, in most cases, starts even before you engage an action or situation. Your attitude and presumption going into a situation directly impacts, indeed, fuels your context of involvement, thereby heavily influencing the result you ultimately come to experience.

So it's time to beef up your super good luck instigating power by beginning to (intentionally) presume things will work for you - and work out for you!

Yes, and clearly, imaginatively detail exactly what THIS looks like and means to you: In your mind, see it, feel it, affirm it...and wholly mentally embrace it - yes, as the natural outcome awaiting you - and indeed, the only possibility real for you!

3.) Ask Congruently, Purposefully, And Wholly Confidently - In A Manner Where You Expect - At Every Level Within You - That You Will Be Positively Responded To!

When you ask something of someone (i.e., anything for that matter), do you ask wholly confidently, with a healthy expectation and presumption of being positively responded to - and of receiving? Or, do you more-so tend to ask with a guarded hopefulness (or seeking "permission") that 'maybe', 'possibly', in some way and/or at some level, you 'perhaps' will be responded to?

In the Bible (in Luke 11:9) it says: "Ask and it will be given to you;" My 30 year clinical experience as a high profile hypnotherapist, clearly indicates it's how you ask (as much as what you ask for) that influences what (and if) you come to "receive".

Good luck (in terms of positive, supportive responsiveness from others toward you and your situation) stems from asking as I initially outlined above -- yes, asking wholly confidently, with a healthy expectation and presumption of being positively responded to - and of receiving.

So start asking through the framework of this dynamic, exclusively!

4.) Do As Much As You Can Do, And Act Purposefully And Directly In Pursuit Of Your Desired Outcome Or Result. Wholly - Without Compromise - Do Your Part, And All You CAN Do!

Have you ever heard the euphemism "The harder I work, the luckier I get!"? Well...there's a lot of truth in this sentiment. Why? Because when you personally apply yourself - in your behalf - you directly incite a greater likelihood that things will work out for you and go your way.

Think about this for a moment? You stand a much greater chance of experiencing positive, desired, enriching outcomes when you proactively intervene (and stay involved) in your own affairs. And this means you purposefully, consistently start doing things you either looked upon others to do, depended upon others to do, and/or presumed others had to do (for you).

Get more proactively involved in your own life and affairs. Start doing the little, and big things that are part of (and influence) your life, you're currently not.

Many times good luck outcomes are steeped in - and unfold from - you diligently, deliberately working in your own behalf -- without compromise - and with conviction.

Start doing your part, indeed, more of your part in your own personal life, and you'll find increased good luck will start "following you around!"

5.) AM Practice "I Feel Lucky - I Am Lucky" - Pre-Day Visual Scripting

How do you usually feel upon awakening: Rested? Refreshed? Positive? ... Or, anxious? Frustrated? Or feeling rushed, rushed, rushed to get your day going? about feeling lucky? Yeah; do you ever awaken feeling lucky -- that some kind of enriching, and/or positive thing awaits you, and will inevitably unfold upon your pathway?

Just get a sense of how (and what) things would start transpiring for you if/when you did have a strong and genuine sense of being lucky at the outset of your day. (I mean a real, and genuine sense of impending good fortune awaiting you.)

So, upon awakening, before getting out of bed, think about the very last time you felt lucky - where you just inwardly knew - and deeply felt - something good would happen for you (and, it did). Mentally step into that memory...and wholly f-e-e-l that same "lucky" feeling. Then, give this feeling a code name (i.e., Success, Victory, Lucky, etc.). Then, mentally say this code name three times to yourself consecutively, with emphatic conviction. (You can mentally repeat this code name during your day if/when you feel you need - or want to reinforce or strengthen the feeling of being lucky within you!)

And after you've activated/connected with this "lucky" feeling, imaginatively play a brief but detailed mental depiction of how you think, feel, act...and the kinds of results you sense you'll experience during your day because of being inwardly fueled by this "lucky" feeling.

Then, let your eyelids open, and transition into your day.

Many say they need a "cup of coffee" to get going in the morning; now, you'll instead use a subconscious power infusion, which naturally leads to personal good luck!

6.) PM Give Thanks For Your Blessings: And Internalize The Following Affirmation Before You Retire For The Night:

Now, in the evening (before you enter your bedroom to begin getting ready to retire for the night), sit quietly and think - really think - about the blessings you have. And as you reflect upon them, do so with a purposeful air of being thankful, and truly appreciative.

Yeah -- blessings that someone, somewhere Conseguir suerte y dinero would give anything to have - like fully functional limbs. Fully functional eyes. A sound, sharp mind. A place to live. Eating healthy, regular meals each day. A car to drive. A job. An income. Full physical mobility. A strong, healthy heart. The capacity to be creative and stand up, speak up, act up...and set your mind to something -- and achieve it. Etc. There are likely many more personal blessings that will come to your mind when you focus on what you have to be grateful for.

I'm not saying don't seek to strive, manifest, acquire or produce beyond that. I'm saying recognize all you do have - and f-e-e-l grateful, happy and appreciative for, and because of it. Why? So you embody gratefulness, happiness and appreciativeness as you prepare for sleep...and not the aggravation, frustration and dismay so many embody - over what's not good, and what they don't have (or have enough of) in their lives.

Yes -- intentionally give your subconscious "reasons" to position gratefulness, enthusiasm and appreciativeness in its forefront - qualities which collectively act as a natural precursor to goodness, and positive things (i.e., good luck) occurring for you!

Next, after you've acknowledged your blessings with a sense of gratefulness and appreciativeness -- thoughtfully read, feel, and internalize the following affirmation before going to sleep:

"I'm supposed to experience good luck working brilliantly and decidedly in my life. I'm supposed to experience good luck supporting me, enhancing me, and wholly, positively flowing its life enriching influence into and through all I think, imagine, feel and do ...

"And life's positive, good luck response toward me is what I now expect; good luck is what I now presume for me - Yes - and this good luck force now measurably flows through my mind, my feelings, and my endeavors and affairs -- all day long!"

Then, just let yourself drift off into slumber with these good and positive feelings engendered through applying this Factor 6 vested within you.

There you have it; 6 iron clad factors which - individually and collectively - will clearly magnify good luck in your life. Apply them, live them, continually reinforce and strengthen them...and you will come to noticeably thrive!