How can you create a website for your business?

You can go to a website building company and pay for website building, or you can build a website yourself.

For a long time I thought that to create a website website erstellen lassen  you have to be a programmer or a computer scientist, that you have to know technical languages like HTML, PHP, ASP and even C++ (I've heard those names a few times but never knew what it was means). I was wrong... none of this is necessary.

First of all, you just need to know what a website actually is. I will try to describe it, assuming that the reader of this article does not know anything about building websites. The website consists of a series of pages with text and images located on the hosting server. Instead of keeping them in your Documents folder, you need to store them on a big computer called a server so other people can access your pages through search engines or directly through your domain. This server is called web hosting. There are hosting companies that offer you a hosting solution for your website.

Another element of a website is the Content Management System (CSM). Once your pages are hosted, you need a content management system to be able to change content, update information, and upload new images. The lack of user-friendly CSM makes the changes to your website very difficult and expensive.

If you search for "build a website" in search engines, you will come up with many companies that can build a website for you and companies that offer software that allows you to build your own website yourself.

I have reviewed two types of website building solutions: one is a free website builder (powered by Google) and the other is a solution that allows you to build a website for free but charges to host it.

"Google Sites" offers a solution for anyone who wants to create a simple website for their business. Hosting is free, you can integrate images and videos via "You Tube" and "Picasa". There are help topics for each feature and a help forum where you can search for answers if you have questions about the implementation of a specific theme or feature. Google's free site currently does not support forum and virtual store implementation. But it's a really great solution for a small business that needs to be seen on the web. It's absolutely free.

The second solution is a website builder software that offers you a 30-day free trial and subsequent hosting solution fees. It's a great solution for businesses that need a website that can change over time. A website built in this system can grow with your business. You can create a simple website to provide information about your business, or you can create an e-commerce website simply by including a virtual store element during the creation process. No technical knowledge is required, no need to pay big bucks to build a virtual business. You can easily add it with one click.

There are many website builder software solutions out there. When deciding on the one that suits you best, please consider a few points:

How user-friendly is the content management system? Do you have online support that can assist you with technical issues? Where the website is hosted, is it a safe and secure server? Do you have a free trial period to ensure the system meets all your needs? Does the website builder software support search engine optimization elements? Can you edit each page's meta tags, website erstellen lassen add a robots.txt file, and create a sitemap?

You don't need any technical knowledge or a large budget to create your own website. You can upgrade your business for free or for a minimal monthly fee and become visible online to all potential customers searching for the services or products you offer.

10 steps to create a website

Welcome to my guide to creating your own website in 10 easy steps.

This simple guide explains in detail how to create your own money making website. Having your own website is the first step to making money online. It's website erstellen lassen  very easy to create a website these days thanks to a few free things I'm going to go over. The best thing about my guide is that you don't have to be an expert or professional, it's aimed at beginners.

Step 1

Find a product that you get paid to promote

This is very easy, luckily there are thousands of companies that want you to help sell their products. These companies join affiliate platforms that allow them to sell their products through your website. When a customer buys a product, you get a commission on their sales.

step 2

Buy a domain name

Your new website needs a name so now you need to buy one, there are a few places where you can get domain names for free but I would advise buying a (.com) domain name, they cost around $8 from cheapest places, namely, and

step 3

Buy a website hosting

You now need a place on the internet to store your website, this is called a web server, but it's really just a regular computer connected to the internet. Website hosting companies "host" these computers and rent them to you. This is known as website hosting. This costs around $4 per month, you can get free hosting but it has some downsides.

step 4

Connect your domain name to your web server

You now need to connect your domain name to your web hosting account. This sounds pretty tricky, but in practice it is quite simple.

step 5

Stop and relax for 24 hours!

You will have to wait about 24 hours for the connection you just created to take effect. The geeky term for this is DNS propagation. This is your time to come back to the site and relax!

step 6

Build your site

Luckily, thanks to many people dedicating their time for free, now you can get free website platforms that are reliable, optimized for Google, free to use and, most importantly, very easy to use for beginners. is the best free website platform out there.

step 7

Sign in to your site

This is very simple, just enter your website domain followed by /wp-login.php to get access to your new shiny website.

step 8

Add some content

You now need to add some content to your website, articles, reviews, images and so on. In fact, this is perhaps the most important step, Google loves content and will send you some visitors if you have a lot of useful information on your website.

step 9

Earn some money!

This is perhaps the part that most people enjoy the most when making some money from their websites. You have a few options here, the best way to monetize your website is by promoting an affiliate product. You can make a lot of money per sale.

step 10

Get visitors to your website

This is what some people find difficult, but it's actually website erstellen lassen  quite simple. You can get visitors in two ways. The first is to buy it from Google or other PPC providers. The second way is to create lots and lots of content that is interesting for visitors.