Sintra on the coast of Lisbon is a delightful town full of character with plenty of attractions on offer. The main attraction in Sintra has to be the National Palace. It has wonderful marble floors and elaborate architecture and wood carvings. There is also a medieval castle that stands high on a hill and is another architectural pleasure that sits in acres of wonderful gardens. On the highest hill top there is also the remains of an 8th century Moorish castle, where you can have a fabulous view over the town. Take a horse and carriage ride around the town so you can view the wonderful old manor houses and other delightful buildings at a leisurely pace. There really is a lot to see, you won't be disappointed. There are also some wonderful walking tours if you don't mind trekking for a few hours through the forests. A must do is the excursion into Lisbon itself. It's around 30 kilometres away. The city is fabulous with more Lissabon Reiseführer than enough historical buildings and museums sitting next to more modern ones for you to explore. It is a delightful place to visit and well worth the trip. The coast of Lisbon has many small towns and all of them have historical buildings and wonderful sightseeing, so hire a car and take it all in, you will be glad that you did.


Sintra beach is magnificent with its long stretches of clean golden sands against a backdrop of lush forests and mountains, it's amazing. You will find a variety of water sports available to you on this popular beach with windsurfing and sailing along with many others. But as you lay on the beach you also have the pleasure of seeing the Para gliders glide from off of the top of the mountains behind you. It's wonderful and perhaps may tempt you into having ago yourself. The waters from the Atlantic can be a little strong so are not really ideal for the younger swimmers to be left unattended, but there is more than enough space for them to build their castles and play along the beach. Or you could take the 100 year old tram from the centre of Sintra which will take you to one of the other beautiful beaches and along the way you can enjoy the ride through the lush countryside.


The nightlife isn't buzzing like you would find in Lisbon itself, but it does have a few disco's and bars playing music for you to have a pleasant drink in and chat to the other tourists and local people. Some of the larger hotels have entertainment a few times a week but it's all very low key. The nightlife is mainly focused around the nice restaurants in the town and on its outskirts providing fine dining to family dining. There is a wide range of meals to choose from with delicious homemade soups to cod fish in creamy sauce or duck and rice. There is something to suit most pallets. You will find fast foods Lissabon Reiseführer  like burgers and fries being served in the cafes and your hotel will cater for the family feast.