Yes you can, today, if you want to, convert to cheap, solar energy - doing it yourself. And hence, cheaply and affordably!

By that, we mean that it's just about what experts call a "settled issue" about which there's absolutely no more disputing, or even an argument, today in the field of energy generation. Namely, that it is, ACTUALLY, pretty easy and simple to build solar panels and wind turbines and to convert your home to cheap, green, solar-powered electricity - even by complete non "handyman type" homeowners with no prior solar background. Some have called it the New Global Solar Energy Craze!

How easy? How practicable?

One analyst, Don Nsofor, who has himself done it, says "It's so easy that even a cave man (of nowadays) can do it."

"Solar panels are easy to make, so [that's why] lots of new players, especially from Asia, are adding capacity and driving down prices...[as] what matters to the consumer is the cost of electricity." - Forbes Magazine, the publisher of the famous "The World Richest Men," and probably the most respected voice in International business, stated in its Dec. 2009 issue, at p.39.


  • ==For much of the world today, especially Europe, Asia and the developed world, the ordinary people of these societies have been moving in growing numbers yearly to a method of generating electricity and cooking their food and the warming of their buildings, through one significant non-conventional method - use of the SOLAR POWER.
  • ==In deed, even in the United States which has Energiespeichervon been a little bit of an exception in lagging behind among developed countries, the people have begun to move in significant numbers in the direction of using solar power, especially since the coming of the current global economic recession and high unemployment. In deed, the United States, as well as many other countries worldwide, are already providing financial incentives to those who go solar, and more and more countries are following.
  • ==Worldwide, the production of solar units to power peoples' homes has been DOUBLING yearly for the last several years - fueled largely by the promise of projected huge cost savings in consumers' electric bills and the whole idea of being able to reduce their "carbon footprints," as well as reducing their dependency on the commercial energy company, and potentially reducing, or even eliminating, their monthly power utility bills altogether.
  • ==And experts almost unanimously forecast that such DOUBLING (worldwide) in yearly production of solar units, is most likely to keep doubling in the foreseeable future.
  • ==YOU (as an individual or a family) can produce solar panels or wind turbines, and renewable, green energy right from your home that will supply all of your power needs and convert your home to solar. However, doing it and converting a home using professionals and commercially manufactured solar components, is generally an expensive proposition. So, you'd need to have some other way that is a more viable "alternative," for doing it in order to be able to accomplish it at costs that you can better afford.

A new, ever-growing, major way that home owners have been able to convert to solar..... CHEAPLY, MORE AFFORDABLY

In this connection, it so happens that there's one major new positive REALITY that has emerged lately to immensely aid this whole development. And that is this: solar energy engineers, green energy entrepreneurs and home owners the world over, have just about discovered such a vital viable "alternative" way. And what is it? Simply using the DO-IT-YOURSELF method!

That is, it has become generally discovered by home owners, that they can, in fact, SUCCESSFULLY do the assembling and installing and conversion work to solar energy, THEMSELVES, without using the solar material that they will have to pay for that comes from the traditional commercial solar energy material manufacturer, and without employing the traditional professional commercial solar energy installer to install the system for them. And, that simply by using this method, they'd bypass incurring the usual high cost of the solar materials manufactured by the commercial dealers, and the professional installers' charges to install the solar panels or wind turbine system for them. Thus, this way, many and growing number of home owners are able to make solar conversion substantially affordable for the average home owners seriously intent on converting to solar energy.

Home owners Picking the Use of good, do-it-yourself guides as their "choice" way in conversion to solar energy...

Summed up simply, in the past few years, what has developed as something of a little "revolution" in the solar energy industry, is that consumers and home owners seriously desiring to convert to solar power, have pleasantly found that to compensate for the high cost of conversion through the "traditional" high-cost method, they can, in fact, use some good, competent, self-help solar energy conversion guides and kits that are out there in the marketplace to teach and guide them through the entire solar conversion process.

Using this method of utilizing good quality, step-by-step solar conversion instructions that are professionally packaged, is estimated by experts to save the average home owner a huge amount over the cost of doing it the 'traditional' energy generation way. Experts and studies estimate that using commercially manufactured Mikro-Wechselrichtervon solar panels and professional installers to power your home, may cost upwards of $28,000. While using a professionally made wind turbine large enough to power your home, may cost $16,000. But, on the other hand, it is estimated that doing it yourself, that same home conversion will cost you pennies in comparison.

These guides (or kits) are really complete PROGRAMS, in that they (the good ones) go into nearly everything about the subject.

But here's the Problem that developed with that solution, Though.....

But another significant problem has developed for consumers, however, regarding the use of this method. With the appearance of these self-help guides that teach home owners how to build and install these solar systems, the principal headache and worry for many a home owner has become this: which one or ones of the many, many "guides" in the marketplace (which number literally in the several hundreds!), are in fact even any good at all, and can actually 'deliver' in teaching you how to build and convert to solar power?

As you might have probably imagined, since the 'popularity' of self-help solar conversion guides emerged, the Internet marketplace has literally been flooded with countless number of materials - reported to be some 150 to over 200 of them in number - all of which purport to be solar energy "guides" that teach people how to switch a home to solar or wind generated energy. But studies have suggested that it is only a few of these materials that are worth even anything. So, the critical question for home owners on this, has now become this: how do you know, or even determine, which one or ones among all these several hundreds of solar energy "guides" around, are in fact even any good? Which ones of them can actually 'deliver' in teaching you how to build and convert to solar power?



Suffice it to say that our staff at our offices have been literally inundated with calls and e-mails on this particular question, as home owners who have bought such "guides" or were contemplating buying one, have expressed confusion and different uncertainties about them. Many of such home owners have appealed to us to review the myriad of all these "guides" which seem to be everywhere.

Consequently, following the consumer outcry, our staff was commissioned to conduct a full-fledged research study to evaluate the quality of the various guides floating around on the Internet marketplace today. This comprehensive study is simply a purely evidence and research-based, and, above all, independent, objective review and study. Through an objective, data-based, set of criteria and mathematical formula, the study assembled all the major solar energy self-help guides from across America, Europe and the world, and methodologically tests, evaluates, scores, rates and ranks them. The result has been to produce virtually the very best and proven of the best do-it-yourself solar energy guides among them all (the Top Dozen Solar Energy Self-help Guides), and then the sole Top Number #1 solar energy guide in the whole industry.

SUMMARY: Summed up very simply, what the said study and review clearly shows, is that there are quite some good self-help guides and "kits" out there today that can actually and easily teach you how you can, very successfully, build and install these solar systems by yourself - IF only you can identify the RIGHT ONE(S), and use that. And that, for the average home owner, using the better or best guides in the market to Mikro-Wechselrichtervon create solar energy can actually be a much easier thing to accomplish than is ordinarily thought; that, in fact, it is a task that even average ordinary folks can readily undertake and accomplish quite easily and comfortably, using such material to guide and instruct themselves.


Benjamin Anosike, Ph.D., has been dubbed by experts and reviewers of his many books, manuals and body of work, which dwell largely on self-help law issues, as "the man who almost literally wrote the book on the use of self-help law methods" by America's consumers in doing their own routine legal chores - in uncontested divorce, will-making, simple probate, settlement of a dead person's estate, simple no-asset bankruptcy, etc. A pioneer and intellectual and moral leader of the 1970s-based "you do your own law" movement and a lifelong vehement advocate and veteran of historical battles for the right of the American consumers to perform their own tasks in the area of routine legal matters, Anosike was one of the pioneers who fought and survived (along with many others of courage) the lawyers' and organized bar's stiff war of the 1970s and '80s against American consumers and entrepreneurs who merely sought, then, to use, write, distribute or sell law-related self-help books and kits for non-lawyers to do their own law, upon the lawyers' claim then of such being purportedly "unauthorized practice of law" or "practicing law without a license." Anosike holds graduate degrees in labor economics and management and a Ph.D. in jurisprudence. Once characterized by a review of the American Library Association's Booklist Journal as "probably the most prolific author in the field of legal self-help today," Dr Anosike is the author of over 26 books and manuals (and countless number of articles) on various topics of American law, including 4 volumes on personal and business bankruptcy filing, in a lifetime of dedication.