There are many famous celebrity hairstyles. Almost every person who has been popular at one time or another has made people copy their hair. However, some hairstyles are changing the way an entire generation styles their hair. These celebrities achieve cult status with their famous hair. For some celebrities, they might not have been as famous with hair styled differently. All of these  pfiffige kurzhaarfrisuren frauen frech styles are different, but each was very popular in its own time. Many of these looks are still worn today. Some have evolved into a modified style, while others remain almost identical to the original style.

Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn was one of the original iconic hairstyles. Her celebrity hairstyles have always been elegant and sophisticated. At a time when most ladies wore shaped hairstyles, she kept her hair looking natural and soft. Her hairstyle helped shape her identity as a sophisticated and elegant woman.

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor first rose to fame in the 1950s. She remained popular for well over twenty years and has had many different hair styles during that time. One of the things that stood out most about Elizabeth Taylor's hair was the fact that it kept its more natural color at a time when almost every actress was dying their hair blonde.


Twiggy was iconic for many reasons. Some people cite her as the original wafer-thin model. Whether this was the case or not, she was very popular. Twiggy was one of the first celebrities to bring the short pixie style hair into mainstream society. These celebrity hairstyles were usually quite short. Sometimes the men had longer hair than the ladies wearing this hairstyle.

Diana Ross

Diana Ross was a role model for many women. She allowed her legacy to shine through all of her work. This hairstyle was famous because instead of trying to tame her natural hair, she let it grow uninhibited. Since then, many women have tried to copy her untamed look.

Princess Diana

One of the most famous fashion icons of the 1980s was Princess Diana. She influenced fashion around the world. Her hairstyle was actually conservative for the time. The short effortless hairstyle she chose was very attractive for the busy woman. Other celebrity hairstyles were difficult to manage, but her style was easy to copy and maintain.

The Beatles

Famous women aren't the only ones who have influenced hairstyles. One of the most iconic celebrity hairstyles was worn by the Beatles. They all cut their hair in the same way that other men soon copied for their own style. Michael Jackson also had a major impact on how men cut their hair.

Prom Hairstyles - How to choose the perfect prom hairstyle for your big night

Probably one of the most important events in a young lady's life is her prom. From fingernails to toenails to hair, everything has to be perfect. Deciding what type of hairstyle to wear can be a bit frustrating.

Ideally, it's best to buy the dress first, as some hairstyles seem to go with certain dresses. If possible, it's a good idea to get your hair done in the style you're considering a week or two before prom. It gives you a good idea of how it will look exactly. Now is the time to make changes instead of an hour or two before you have to get dressed and go to your prom.

You will find that there are many different types of hairstyles to choose from. Even if you have short hair, you might opt for a few extensions for the long hair look. Again, this is something to try beforehand. If you have long hair, don't rule out the thought of braiding your Bob Frisuren and then twisting it into some of the spectacular styles that can be done with braided hair these days.

Another new style

Another new style that is gaining popularity is sedu prom hairstyles. This is a new look that is really taking over the favorites for the young ladies especially since it is based on many celebrities who are going for the Sedu hairstyles .

Don't forget that you can add that extra touch to your prom hairstyle by getting some hair highlights. Probably the best idea is not to choose anything too drastic or too compromising as it may be difficult for you to get used to or it may simply not match the color of the dress you have chosen. If you've decided on a pink prom dress and go for red accents, you might be in trouble.

If you have long hair and have decided that you want to go shorter, you should be careful with that decision. It may be a spectacular short hairstyle, but if you are not used to it, you really will not feel comfortable.

Don't forget that there are hair accessories that complement or complement your overall look for your prom. You can get embellished pins or, if you want to be elaborate, wear a tiara. A simple flower also gives the hair an elegant touch and rounds off the hairstyle.