Do you own a Samsung mobile phone?

If you are, then check this article out because this is exclusively for Samsung mobile phone owners, especially those who are fond of changing their ringtones from time to time, giving their mobile phone a distinctive character Handyhülle Samsung A52 apart from other mobile phones.

Interested? Read on the rest of this article and learn more about ringtones for your phones.

About Samsung Electronics

The manufacturing of mobile phones falls on the telecommunications network business area of Samsung Electronics along with the production of PDA phones and satellite receivers. It is one of the largest electronics companies in the world. Samsung phones have overall market share of 12.7 percent and ranked 3rd among the mobile phone manufacturers around the world.

Downloading Ringtones

Here are three simple and basic steps of getting various ringtones for your phones.

  1. Since you are on customizing, it is normal that you are quite selective when it comes to ringtones. You want ringtones that will match your current lifestyle as well as your personality. If you are still undecided on what ringtones you want to have for your mobile phone, you can check out the following personal guides:
  2. Determine first what music styles are your favorites. Since Internet as well as your local wireless network provider has enough ringtones on their database, you can freely choose among the following categories:
  3. Dance music;
  4. Hip-hop and rap;
  5. Classical and oldies;
  6. Rock or alternative;
  7. Country music; or
  8. TV or movie soundtracks.
  9. You can also browse on the following categories:
  10. Newest ringtones;
  11. Techno ringtones;
  12. Tropical ringtones
  13. Speedy ringtones;
  14. Mid-east ringtones; or
  15. Mystery ringtones.

2. After deciding on which ringtone interests you, you can now start downloading your Samsung ringtone. There are phones that can receive ringtones through the following mediums:

  • Via direct download to your local wireless network provider, where you are given an access code that you will send as a text message to a given ringtone database access number
  • Via wireless application protocol (WAP) or wireless internet.

Samsung phones that are distributed by Verizon Wireless and Sprint PCS support the aforementioned methods of downloading ringtones.

3. In case your phone has that melody composer, here are its certain features that you must know:

  • It has up to 3 octaves;
  • It has four-note duration, ranging from 1/16 to 1/2;
  • It has a graphical interface which represents notes on a given scale; and
  • Notes are obtained by pressing the key corresponds to the notes and adjusting the pitch and/or duration using the arrow keys.

To learn how to compose from your melody composer, refer to your phone manual.

Also determine the compatibility of the ringtone to your phone program. All the latest phones today support the three types of ringtones (monotone, polytone, and true tone); however, most of the older models can not recognize newer versions of ringtones. So it is important that you check first the compatibility of your phone and the ringtone of your choice.

Samsung U Series vs G Series - The Preeminent Samsung Mobile Phones

The Samsung mobile phones are well known for its slide open designs and this particular design has become a factor to distinguish the Samsung mobile phones from the other leading handsets.

The Samsung U600 is an extremely stylish slim mobile phone. Samsung U600 is available to the users in many colours such as Black, sapphire blue, garnet red, copper gold and platinum metal. The users will now be able to pick up the handset of their favorite colour. The striking design of the Samsung U600 Gold includes an exceptional and stylish interface for the unique sophistication and usability. The U600 mobile phone is enriched with a 3.2 mega pixel camera that is encased in a slim profile. The handset boasts of a 2.22 wide TFT LCD widescreen. This handset comes in copper gold and offers the users a HSDPA 3.6 Mbps data transfer speed, has the video telephony functionality and auto focus in a 12.1m case.

The Samsung U700 has a Reflective surface and bears touch-sensitive keys.

The mobile phone is equipped with a predictive keyboard. The keyboard has the ability to correct automatically and prevent the users to make any mistakes while typing. The Samsung U700 is endowed with a 3.2 mega pixel camera enriched with 4x digital zoom and autofocus feature. The handset also supports feature like GPRS Class 10, EDGE, and HDSPA networks. The device in the handset comes loaded with a number of Java games that would also enable the users to download other games of their choice in the device. The mobile phone also supports popular music file formats like MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+ and WMA.

The Samsung G600 is an attractive mobile phone that bears a classic finish.

The handset is light in weight; small in dimensions and would enable the users to carry their mobile phone very comfortably. The user of the G600 mobile phone can benefit from worldwide roaming as the handset supports the quad band connectivity options. The users can listen to music; download music and video tracks from the internet with the ability of high-speed data transfers. This mobile phone comes with adequate memory that is necessary to store all the required images, messages, and other categories of mobile content. The key attraction of the Samsung G600 mobile phone is its 5 Handyhülle Samsung A52 mega pixel camera that would enable the users to capture impressive images as well as amazing videos. The camera inbuilt in this mobile phone has resolution that makes it comparable to other high-end camera mobile phones. The quality of videos in this mobile phone is like DVD.

The Samsung G800 is one of the high-fashion smart mobile phone.

The handset is endowed with lens cover and its back is made of plastic. The base of the handset is leather -like textured plastic that has distinctive patterns. Two loudspeakers are on the top of the handset that are slightly recessed into the casing of the handset and are covered by a metal grill. The Samsung G800 handset also comes equipped with a 5 mega pixel camera with a 3x optical zoom and xenon flash. The various features of the handset can be called up quickly with the help of the number, pad. This mobile phone has the ability to record videos in an MPEG4 format. The G800 handset is enriched with 160 MB memory that can be further expanded by the users by using a swappable 4GB microSD memory card. The handbook of the handset has the ability to hold information upto 1000 contacts. This mobile phone has the ability to remember the user's last menu function and highlights automatically the next time the user enters the same menu item.