The sofa at your home is the central piece in your living area where most of the family members and kids relax after a heavy day or receive guests. A neat and clean sofa speaks a lot about the caretaker of the house. No matter, how hard you clean your upholstery; it is bound to get dirty due to the high traffic in that part of area. In fact, you need to make extra efforts to keep everything in a good condition. Your favorite sofa is getting a good amount of filth every day. Grime, dirty spills are inevitable.

Seeking professional upholstery cleaners once a year is greatly recommended if you want to extend the life of your couch. And, still, the couch is likely to get rough and tarnished long before Maytime cleaning, when you plan to call your local upholstery cleaner, and this expenditure is not really there in your budget. However, if your upholstery gets dirty and badly stained, don't be terrified, instead read this post on DIY sofa cleaning tips!

  1. Vacuuming Your Couch Completely: Being Sofa Cleaning Alo Ve Sinh the most-used furniture in your home, you should make it a point to vacuum it every now and then, when you spot any spills, and food left over's. Upholstered furniture collects a lot of dust and smut; however, vacuuming will pull out most of the impurity from the upholstered material. So, you should probably start with the job with extensive vacuuming.
  2. Washing Your Couch: Although, washing your upholstery is not endorsed due to the amount of risk involved. But, there are few hoaxes you can employ to shun the real washing method. Prepare a concoction of hot water and few drops of cleaning solution. Dip a cleaning sponge in the concoction and squeeze out the excess mixture and start swabbing the surface your sofa. This technique will certainly revive the upholstery's fabric and freshen it.
  3. Expel the Stains: This is probably the most complicated part of cleaning the upholstery on your own. Though, a spotless surface can be achieved using a specialized stain removal solution. But, this totally depends upon the type of fabric of your upholstery, and if the fabric is delicate, powerful detergent could ruin your upholstery. You can always browse online for home-made spot cleaning recipes. The common ingredients include Baking Soda, Salt and vinegar.
  4. Let your Couch Dry: If you want to avert quick re-soiling, you need to completely dry-out your sofa, before putting it to use. For quick drying, you can place the sofa in the sunlight or let the windows open. But, make sure to thoroughly dry it, before sitting on it.

Sofa Cleaning Tips From Upholstery Cleaners

Everybody knows how easily a house can become messy, especially when there are children running around and regular visits from friends and family.

Vacuuming and picking up after them is simple enough, albeit time-consuming and tedious. However, certain pieces of furniture are tougher than others to clean, such as the sofa and armchairs.

Sofas are big and bulky. To clean them properly you have to pull out the seat cushions and vacuum every inch and brush away any crumbs and other bits that have fallen behind and collected in the corners and along the edges.

Upholstery cleaning has to be performed on a regular basis in order to prevent unseen hazards from growing deep in the fabrics. Indeed, the more you let the sofas and armchairs collect dust, fallen hairs, crumbs and whatever else can attach itself to the fabrics, the more of a perfect breeding ground you create for microscopic pests, such as dust mites.

A good way to prevent most dirt from getting deep into fabric sofas and armchairs is by placing throws over them. Not only will a throw nicely decorate your upholstery, but they also serve to catch most dust and dirt from getting to them. They will also absorb a lot of the sweat from people that spend a lot of time lounging in them.

Getting a removable throw dirty or spilled on is less of a worry because they can easily be cleaned in a washing machine.

Also, try to position your furniture away from the windows, so that the colours in the fabrics do not get dulled by direct sunlight.

There are protective treatments available to buy for leather furniture, which makes them easier to clean. Vacuum first and wipe with a damp cloth. Make sure that you don't get the leather too wet or you will start to notice watermarks.

Of course, if you do not have the time or Carpet Cleaning Alo Ve Sinh energy for sofa cleaning, then you could employ the help of professional upholstery cleaners. These specialist sofa cleaners are fully trained in state of the art upholstery cleaning equipment, and they have expert knowledge to safely clean any type of material.

All you have to do is make a single phone call and ask for a free quote from a domestic upholstery cleaning company.