For many years, limos have been tagged as the "cars of celebrities" or something as extravagant as it sounds. Truly, most limos were first used for red carpet events, presidential meetings and the like. Today, as the economy of most countries continues to rise, these type of cars are also utilized for ordinary or small-time events. Attending a prom or having a corporate event with limos in the parking lot is not new anymore. This is limo service London because Limo Hire companies in London are fast-rising. In fact, other cities also have a fair share of growing companies in this field of business.

What are the choices of consumers?

But before you jump into any conclusions, it's wise to know that there are a lot of choices offered to consumers like you when it comes to limousines. Your event will be glamorous with such type of car, but it will look more elegant if the type of limo you use is appropriate for the event. So what choices do you have? Here are the top limo cars in the market.


When you say glamour, this is the best type of limo to rent. The Excursion is known for its wide array of amenities and the fact that it can cater up to 16 people. Now that's perfect for a limo party, a bachelor or even a party to celebrate your promotion. Inside every Excursion is a flat screen TV with DVD and CD player, customized lighting, custom floor and ceiling as well as full lit fiber optics and disco lights. Most also have complimentary bars inside.

Hummer H2           

If you want a rougher look, limousine companies have something to offer - the Hummer H2. Just like the Excursion, this limo comes with the basic amenities like flat screen TV with DVD player, custom lighting and mini bar. The Hummer H2, specifically, is also designed with a moon roof and window divider. Most of it has a cargo space of 3 large bags and capacity of 16 people. Now that's perfect for any manly event!

Chrysler 300C

Now gaining more popularity, the Chrysler 300C is commonly used for weddings and proms. It's lady-looking and gives that sexy and glamorous presence but inside, you can surely go wild with the immense amenities it has. Since most limousine companies offer the best of the best, you can expect this car to have similar basic facilities but it also has its own individual set of distinction. With a capacity of up to 8 people, this stylish limo is undeniably perfect for romantic dates and all-girl night outs.

Just Before You Choose

There are 3 things to keep in mind when deciding to hire a limo service London- first off, you should check the car inside and out; second, you should check the company and see if its reliable and highly reputable; third, you should check the service or rental rates. With these three things to start, you'll surely find your way to hiring the most ideal limo for your rent. Keep in mind that the formality of the event plays a big role in choosing the type of limo so, better pay enough attention on that as well.