The vacuum cleaner is an indispensable household appliance without which many of us would find it difficult to live. If you are buying your first vacuum or looking to replace your existing vacuum then take a few minutes to read the following article to highlight some of the things to consider.

Bag vs. cyclone vacuum cleaner

Perhaps the most important question when choosing a Bodenstaubsauger vacuum cleaner is whether you go for a traditional bagged vacuum or one of the new cyclonic cleaners. There are pros and cons to both types of vacuum. The omission of bags speaks in favor of the cyclone cleaner, which not only saves money but is also more convenient.

With a conventional vacuum cleaner, the device can suffer a loss of suction power when the bag becomes full. This is not a problem with a cyclonic cleaner, as it can simply be emptied when it is full. Still, some people prefer a traditional cleaner because they can easily remove the self-contained bag when it's full. This means they are not exposed to the dust particles that some people find uncomfortable when emptying a cyclonic vacuum.

The different forms of vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaners come in many different forms. Which type you choose will largely depend on your needs and the type of cleaning you are doing. The following are the most common types of cleaners:

Upright Vacuums - While not the most versatile type of vacuum, handheld vacuums have been the most common and popular form of vacuum for many years. Usually bagged, stands are increasingly using new cyclonic technology.

Canister Vacuums - Canister vacuums are essentially those that are dragged across the floor. With their flexible hose, these are ideal for those who want to vacuum into corners and areas that a stand has trouble reaching .

Backpack Vacuums - This type of vacuum is designed to help you clean in those hard-to-reach places. Lightweight and highly portable, the backpack is a popular choice for people with back or mobility issues as it allows you to vacuum without bending over.

Accessories for vacuum cleaners

There are a number of vacuum cleaner attachments that can improve their cleaning function. In addition to the extendable hoses, some vacuums can be fitted with DYSON Akku-Hand-und Stielstaubsauger Cyclone V10 Absolute brushes and carpet shampooing devices to help you get into those tricky spaces to help you clean carpets and floors effectively.