Buying bathrooms online is on the rise. For this reason, more information on customer satisfaction is available after delivery and especially after installation.

There are many ways to protect the public when shopping türsprechanlage online. Ideally we would like our goods to be delivered on time, as described at point of sale and of a quality suitable for installation. Using the wrong supplier who cannot meet these key requirements can result in the customer having to make claims against the supplier, which can make the whole process very frustrating and often ends up being costly.

Lately I've had the opportunity to help customers who have had problems with online products from other suppliers that were of poor quality. Here are a few examples:

plastic water taps     

Although images of faucets may appear chrome on a website, manufacturers can apply chrome paint to plastic to create a chrome effect. The body will be very light, thin and feel cheap. Make sure brass ware is brass ware and therefore has a brass body that is chrome plated and not an inferior plastic body with a chrome colored coating.

Flat packed bathroom furniture

Flat pack units may be ok if you have a certain level of carpentry skill and patience. Units are shown assembled online, but some units can take hours to assemble and installers will not always be happy to do so. Pre-assembled or rigid units can be easily inspected upon delivery, so make sure you are happy with the contents before assembling.


Many online bathroom furnishing suppliers will rely on being the cheapest to secure your order. This is fine if you need goods that are intended for short-term use or if future maintenance costs have been taken into account. However, if you are trying to select goods for use in your own home in order to compare them to retail store products, then be careful - many of the biggest retailers and household names, both on the high street and online, only offer a 12 -month warranty. If a manufacturer is only willing to provide a guarantee for this period of time, it is probably because the product is of poor quality. Many bathroom products have moving parts, cartridges and valves, flush tank fittings or hinges, so a lot can break or break. Insist that any product you buy for your bathroom comes with a minimum 5 year warranty as standard


Watch out for free delivery offers. The cost of delivery must be included in the cost of the goods to be sold and this usually means the products are very cheap to make the sale profitable for the supplier. Alternatively, the cost of the delivery method may be low and therefore increase the risk of delay or, more likely, damage. If you have already paid for your goods in advance you should look forward to their prompt arrival without worrying about the quality being fit for purpose and the possibility of it arriving late and/or damaged. When this happens it can be a traumatic experience and it is very difficult to get a satisfactory resolution and refund

Please note these tips and be careful when you buy your faucets, bathroom furniture and other bathroom products online. There are companies out there that offer truly brilliant deals online that the high street just can't compete with, but make sure you do your research and do your research before you take the plunge!

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