One of the most classic security issues faced by some businesses is their inability to see and properly identify who is at the door or in the lobby before actually being escorted Bad to a secure area. While some believe that you simply have to deal with this problem, there are security products and solutions on the market that make it easy to stay safe while still meeting day-to-day business goals.

Solutions is a good video intercom

One of those solutions is a good video intercom system that allows you to see who is in the perimeter, identify them, and then make better decisions about whether or not to bring them into the security perimeter. The beauty of a video intercom system is that these decisions can be made silently without the risk of offending anyone or creating public trouble for your company later. As with any other purchasing decision you may need to make for your business, there are a few things to consider when purchasing a video intercom.

First, you should focus heavily on the actual video part of the video intercom. Being able to see and quickly identify who is in the lobby or outside the building is absolutely critical. Therefore, the larger the video screen, the easier it is to actually see important details and functions. For high security areas, a large screen is a must, as a smaller screen can hide small packages and other items that may be prohibited in high security areas, such as B. very small mobile phones with interface for mobile phones.

You should look at the user. For example

Next you should look at the user. For example, you want to ensure that the part of the video intercom is placed as inconspicuously as possible in your office. Social engineering-based attacks are still a physical security issue, and someone who would normally have access to your secure area could easily leak details to someone trying to gain access. It's better to have something in your office that looks more or less like a phone or some other device that looks like it belongs there. This might border on paranoia for some, but it's better to resolve potential security issues over the horizon before they morph into other issues.

Finally, keep a budget in mind when looking at video intercom choices. You must have enough money to take care of not only buying the item but installing it on site - professional installation is recommended to ensure you receive a properly working video intercom.

Overall, building a smart video intercom system for your office doesn't have to be difficult at all. If you take the tips in this guide to heart as you build your own system, you should have no problem getting a great video intercom that will serve your needs for years to come!

Consider CCTV or video intercom security systems for home use

When you are in the market for a home security system, you may be overwhelmed by the choices available. You want to choose a security system that gives you complete peace of mind while staying within your budget. You're also likely to find that technology has advanced to the point where security is getting better and cheaper. With that in mind, you might also be concerned that your security system will become outdated too quickly. Below is a suggestion that you may not have thought of.

Consider checking out some of the security systems designed for businesses and small industries. These systems are generally extremely comprehensive and also inexpensive as most businesses protect both their financial bottom line and their property. A few systems you might want to explore are closed captioned video TV and video intercom systems.

CCTV or Closed Caption TeleVision is not the same as the television you watch for entertainment as the action recorded on video is not broadcast. Instead, it is simply forwarded to a receiver that can be monitored by the property owner. The power of CCTV is that from inside you Bad can actually see what's going on outside. One or more cameras placed in an opaque spot with a good view of the surroundings record movements. These recordings are sent to a monitor that can be viewed from within the property or from a remote area, or even accessed via TV, cell phone or iPod. A CCTV system is an excellent choice for those who have properties with many different "rooms" that cannot all be viewed at the same time. It is also a good security system for those who have a lot of traffic or have several different entrances to the house or property; This allows the owner to monitor comings and goings and prevent unwanted visitors from entering the security area.