Memorial candles are a great way to display a memorial display after the funeral service is complete. You can buy this kind of candles on request each year on the anniversary of the death of your loved ones. They can also be just a form of reminder display in your home.

front together

These candles have a beautiful understated design on the front along with a photo of your loved one and a customized text. The candle artwork that contains the photograph is embedded in the candle wax and is therefore ready to be burned and enjoyed for the life of the candle.

Often families buy them for the descendants of each main family member. It is a wonderful gift for someone who has suffered a loss. This kind of keepsake gift is sure to put a smile on her face and touch her heart. It's special for certain who have recently lost a loved one because it's such an important reminder of them.

Memorial candles come in large pillar styles measuring 3x9, smaller pillars 3x6, votive candles, flameless LED candles that do not require a light but run on batteries. The LED candles are truly amazing because they are flameless but still have the scent of a real candle. You won't know the difference!

You can also customize the text on the back of the memorial candle if you wish. The text can be special names from the funeral service, funeral poems or a special song that was special for the deceased. They are suitable for every occasion and you can find these online retailers by searching for companies that offer funeral supplies.

Flameless LED candles

A flameless LED candle looks like a real candle but does not burn. Instead, it is illuminated by a built-in lightbulb in the form of a flame, while the exterior resembles a candle. The light bulb can be purchased from a night light, and for the lamp body you can use a real candle. Thread your cord through to the outside of the candle and you can boast of a fairly realistic candle imitation.

The skeleton of a flameless candle can be used in many ways as a design element. The operator's body is usually cylindrical in shape, complete with a battery pack and a reliable flame-shaped LED light lying on top. Many manufacturers use LED lights with an irregular flicker effect to make the glow of an open flame appear calm. A flameless candle can be made with wax to give a resemblance to traditional candles. Unlike a real flame, LED lights don't generate much heat, and flameless candles made from wax don't melt. Instead, they retain their original shape and size for further use in the future.


Several flameless candles are scented and act as air fresheners and lighting fixtures. Many other flameless candles, especially outdoor ones, have features like built-in insect repellents. These contain an ambient light sensor housed in the candle body that activates a small fan that releases geranium or other repellents. Additional features can include remote controlled light switches, built-in timers and air handling units.


Flameless candles are specifically designed to eliminate the need for a flame, thereby reducing potential fire hazards. Below this, the bulbs of reasonably flameless candles can heat up considerably. In 2013, a pediatric study was conducted that suggested flameless candles were the cause of battery-related accidents in children.

Here's a creative idea to decorate your home for the anticipated Easter holidays.

Easy Easter DIY LED Candles

All you need is a candle shaped LED column, tape, pastel colored wrapping paper and scissors.

Now simply wrap the candle in pastel colored wrapping paper and glue it shut. When the holiday is over, all you have to do is take off the wrapping paper.

Drill a hole next to the glass of a prayer candle. The candle with a cylindrical shaped glass tube should be used. Go slow and drill to the base of the candle side.

Heat a hanger in a flame and push it all the way through, starting at the top of the candle. Inside the night light is a lamp with a flame-shaped bulb and a two-pronged plug attached to it. Get rid of the terminals or any attached plastic parts. Attach the lamp. Feed the lamp cord all the way through the opening in the base, and don't stop until the wires exit the top. Put a wire together to both terminals of the lamp. After that you need to wrap the wire around the terminal. securing the connection. Push the lamp through the wax of the candle so that the fraction of the bulb is below the surface. Now plug in your newly made candle and bask in the light.