What could be more frustrating when a doorbell rings and it's Christmas night and you run down the stairs and open the door. It's stuck. It's really unnerving and irritating. If you have a problem, have your door repaired quickly. Different types of doors have different solutions as it also depends on the design and material of the door.

Conventional doors:

These doors are the most common in our daily lives and homes. The door hinges and knobs need to be checked properly. Sometimes you see a piece of Türsprechanlage wood breaking or decaying, an extra piece of similar wood needs to be nailed and also glued. Usually due to weather changes, winter to spring, to summer and then monsoon, the wood edges swell and then have to be trimmed with a planer. Hinge leaf must also be properly placed in the groove. Use a screwdriver to securely tighten the hinge pins. There must be a 1/8 inch gap between the door and the frame. The door handle and doorknob must also fit properly. If the hinges make a squeaking noise, oil the hinges, or if you find rust, first clean the rust with WD-40 chemical spray and leave for a few minutes, then oil the hinges.

Sliding doors:

These doors need different types of repairs in case they are jammed or something happens to them. Usually they jam and do not slide on the rail. But sometimes the problem can be solved even with a simple tool. Check the rail, use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt and add some graphite powder to make it run and slide smoothly. If the frame and the edge of the door are not parallel, they need to be repaired. If the metal track or track is damaged, bent or dented, it is better to have it replaced rather than adjusted.

Garage doors:

Most of the time, people keep many expensive items in the garage, such as expensive tools and other equipment, so one cannot afford to keep them open. If there is no physical obstruction or interference when opening, and it still becomes difficult and uncomfortable to open, then check all the parts that make up the link assembly. For example, there are spring rollers and cables. Lubricate pulleys, tighten bolts and remove dirt.

Patio doors:

Follow a few simple steps if this door is giving you trouble. First check the rail at the bottom of the door and first remove any obstacles or interference or foreign objects. Then take a damp towel and wipe the door, sprinkle graphite powder into the rollers and check the door by shaking it back and forth until the powder is fully absorbed into the rollers. If you find rust, first spray WD-40 on the rusted surface and after a few minutes apply some oil for lubrication. Paraffin wax or grease is very useful for lubricating instead of oil.

Front Door - Why your front door is difficult to open

Imagine you've invited someone special to your home for a romantic candlelit dinner, you're all dressed up, the doorbell rings and when you try to open it it's jammed hard and it takes you five Minutes and 50 twitches to open the door. Oh dear God! So embarrassing, isn't it? Therefore, never neglect this problem on your front door or on any door at all. The front door is considered to be the character of the residents of the house. If your front door is difficult to open, you must not ignore this and find and fix the problem as soon as possible.

Actually, the front door is a guardian of the whole house,

Everyone goes through this door to get in or out. It protects you from extreme weather conditions like storm, heavy rains and even hot sun rays. It is certain that these weather conditions affect the front door the most. But before delving into the causes of a stuck door you need to check the carpet underneath, it could be thick to create an obstruction, if not then the problem is with the door.

If your door is difficult to open, examine it thoroughly, checking the hinges, the lock and the edges of the door. Sometimes the wood of the door swells due to weather conditions and becomes the cause of difficult opening.


The hinges of the door rust or loosen with frequent use, and the door knob can also become damaged or rusted. So it's better to pay some attention to your front door, you can clean it thoroughly instead of replacing parts.


Open the hinges and remove the door from the frame. Now look at the door frame, if there is any damage repair it. If the groove has deepened, fill it with a piece of hardboard. If there is a gap, fill them in and buff the door frame. loosen the doorknob; Now clean the Türsprechanlage  door by removing the dirt around the edges. If it is swollen from moisture; Use a hand planer to sand down the wood. Look at the edges, if there are gaps, fill them in. Now come to the doorknob and lock it. Remove dust and rust if present. Polish the door and let it dry. Now reinstall it and screw on the hinges. Now open and close to check.