In the changing world of technology, security and peace of mind can be just a touch away thanks to the wonderful technology of video intercoms. In recent years, video intercoms have become increasingly popular and affordable for middle-class families. Many people install these handy products in their homes and businesses and are very happy to know that the third eye is watching over them.

Systems on the market

One of the newest systems on the market is the 7 inch video intercom with backlit keypad and telephone integration. With this speakerphone, you can answer calls from the front door/gate or second door or gate, talk to visitors at the front door, see them even in the dark, open the door remotely, or make a call at the door and watch the front door area. Authorized persons can enter the house or office by entering a code on the keypad. These products definitely emphasize comfort, creative placement, and safety in locations that may pose potential concerns for you and your household or place of business.

Additional features of this system include: integration with a home or office phone to add another degree of freedom previously unavailable with standalone video intercoms, integration with any home or office phone, including cordless phones, video Gegensprechanlage  answering calls from the door or the gate or wherever you are within range of a phone, if you answer the call from the door or gate with your phone you will have the opportunity to go to the nearest monitor and see the person at the door and prevent that You miss a visitor You are not within range of a video monitor. Additionally, these units can provide a sense of security in the evenings by monitoring a baby's nursery or small toddler who is just beginning to sleep in a bed. So many practical uses in the home do not revolve around security, but rather around comfort, protection and communication.

If you have never realized the tremendous convenience that a video intercom system offers, you might want to take a look at the different features and video intercom models available. You might discover one that's just right for your needs. The features and benefits of devices are almost limitless, they are easy to use and the cost is certainly very affordable these days.

Five things you should know about video intercoms

We all used to have chains on our front doors for this purpose, as the chain can easily be enforced it's much better if you don't even have to open the door to see who was there.

With that in mind, let's take a look at five things we need to know about video intercoms:

  • A video intercom is not the same as a front door phone.

Although the terms are often used interchangeably, an entry door system has the ability to unlock the door. When "buzzed" into a building, a device called a door opener is used to electrically (or by releasing an electromagnetic lock) open the door. Most video intercom manufacturers offer an optional door opener or door plate.

  • Choose a manufacturer that allows your system to grow with your requirements.

Before committing to a system, make sure you're not locked into a manufacturer with a limited product line. You might start with a camera at the front door and a monitor to see and speak to someone, but video intercoms are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to securing and automating your home. If in a few years you decide to install CCTV cameras, get a remote monitor or add an extra doorbell, then you want to make sure you don't have to throw away your existing investment in new equipment.

  • Make sure the door station has night vision if you want to see callers at night.

Sounds obvious, but at night you really need to see the caller, and unless you have bright outside light you need a door panel with infrared capabilities. Incidentally, many of the models on the market today have tiny camera holes, so the caller might not even realize they can be seen.

  • Buy locally for the best advice and to avoid installation headaches

If you're not familiar with DIY, you probably need help installing an intercom. The door camera and the monitor in the house must be supplied with power and cables must be routed between the two devices. These do not have to be visible so some work may be required under the house or above the ceilings. Installation help may be needed, especially if you want to replace the lock on your door with a door opener so you can open the door from the surveillance unit.