For most people, the first impression they have of wooden coat rack is that it is a simple wooden pole used to hang visitor's jackets and hats. While this is true to some extent in our current lifestyle, the standing wood coat tree has evolved. No longer it is a simple brown colored wooden piece of wood. They have now a variety of designs which are shaped to match almost any room theme.

Below are some pointers and tips to take note before buying a wood coat rack for your house or office.

Material and Design of coat racks

A coat tree can be made of many different materials. They Garderobenständer can be crafted out from wood, plastic and metal. Plastic coat tree are cheaper in cost and can even be used outdoor. However, they are not as durable as the other 2 materials.

For home with modern design or contemporary designs, tall and "skinny" pole made of lightweight metal are more suitable as compared to thick pole. Thicker metal poles designs give a "heavy" feel and are generally used for home with traditional designs.

Instead of having a round base, you can consider getting a 3 legged or 5 legged base to suit your home or office decoration theme.

For young girls, you can get them a pink coat rack to hang their school bags and sweaters. For young energetic boys, a wooden rack with a base that is designed like a baseball to appeal to them.

A oak finished for your coat stand will set a softer tone for your home, while a cheery finish with present a more ornate tone.

Ultimately, the material, together with the color and design of the coat rack must be able to blend into the decor of your home to avoid sticking out like a sore thumb.

Stability of Wood Coat Rack

Depending on the items that will be hang on the coat tree, stability is an important factor to consider before purchasing. If a lot of items will be placed on the arms of the tree, it is important to get one with a flat and heavy base to prevent the pole from toppling.

Placement of Wood Coat Rack

If you are placing the wood coat tree near the door entrance, consider getting one coat hanger with umbrella stand. While you can hang your jackets, you can store your umbrella at the same time.

Places to Purchase Wooden Coat Tree

Other than visiting a traditional brick and mortar store, you may shop on line for wood coat tree. With a few clicks of the mouse, you will be able to look for various designs for your future tree coat. One of the well known brands for such product is Powell. You may consider their Color Story series of household coat rack if you are shopping on line for wood coat trees.

Wooden Coat Racks - Most Saleable During the Winter Season

People in America and European countries are accustomed to winter season and jackets, trench coat and gloves became a fad in their fashion collections not because for aesthetic purposes but because it helps the fight the dropped temperature while they are out. In every household, it's most likely to see a coat rack as you open the door and step inside.

They are used for hanging winter wear that is worn outside and also provides a feel of "warm welcome" to visitors. But in our modern time, they can be placed in any part of the house may it be in the bedroom, closet and even bathrooms.

Types of these pieces of furniture vary from the materials made. We have wooden, metal and plastic made racks. Plastic are water resistant and can be very light. Metals may be very contemporary in design but is heavy. However, the wooden one is the traditional type, which suits any generation and design. You can never go wrong with wooden carved furniture that totes up sophistication in every setting while keeping everything organized and clean.

There are two kinds of woods are used to make such pieces of furniture. We have the soft wood that is from pine, fir, cedar or pine. And hard Haken wood that comes from teak, ash, oak or maple. Manufacturers could color, style or left as natural at it is. If you have a big space you can have classy wooden tree.

But if you have limited space, a wall mounted coat rack would be great. The kind of coat rack really depends to your need and desire. Wood coat racks are very reasonably priced and are very earth friendly since it is made from materials, which are easily produced unlike metal-made and plastics.

Given the proper wood care to these racks, wooden coat rack may be better than metal ones. If a wooden coat rack is made of durable and quality wood, it could even last longer like those pieces of antique furniture in auction.

Mall and home warehouse gives us a wide selection of racks to choose from but if you are a versatile and endless design, the wooden one would be the perfect choice for you. You can never go wrong with classics. But whatever it choice and preference you have, its still the purpose and functionality of the rack that is important: to keep clothes and things that can be hanged in place.