With Slovenia's accession to the EU and its impressive economic performance between 2000 and 2007, its capital Ljubljana has become a vibrant business center in Europe, attracting growing numbers of international investors. Since it is the capital, Ljubljana is also home to foreign diplomats on assignment. Over the last few years, the demand for apartments, houses and offices on rent has led to the development of quality residential and business premises in and around Ljubljana. Most foreigners who do business in Slovenia live in Ljubljana or the nearby cities of Ferienwohnung Verwaltung Leipzig Maribor, Celje and Koper.

Renting real estate

For someone new to Slovenia, renting real estate in an unfamiliar environment may cause some apprehension initially but that soon wears off when one acquires a preliminary understanding of the market. It is important to use reliable sources in your search for a home or office and to acquaint yourself with the facts and legalities of the deal before you commit to it. A number of real estate agencies assist businessmen and diplomats in identifying a suitable apartment or office and in finalizing the deal. For these services, they charge a commission, which is normally equivalent to two monthly rents. What you need to ensure is that the real estate agent you wish to work with is well-established and has a reputation for efficiency and reliability. Agencies that claim to locate real estate for foreigners were established in mid 90s and are one of the most reputable. Their websites has details of apartment and office rentals. Besides real estate agencies, the Internet and advertisements in the print media can also offer useful information. One of Slovenia's most well-known property portals has current details of average monthly rents. In general, rents for residential and business premises are highest in Ljubljana, Celje, Maribor and Koper. 

Slovenia to take caution money

It is common practice for homeowners in Slovenia to take caution money from the tenant before he is permitted to occupy the house. This money, which normally varies between one to three monthly rents, is held as a returnable deposit with a view to covering the owner against damages or defaults on rent. If all is in order at the end of the lease term, the deposit is to be returned to the tenant. Rent is payable monthly and does not include gas, heating, electricity, telephone, cleaning services and garbage collection.

Foreigners who connect with owners

Foreigners who connect with owners through rental agencies are sometimes asked to furnish bank and character references as well as subject oneself to a credit appraisal. A statement detailing the condition of the property as it is before you move in is often issued so that you can assess the extent of your liability for damages, if any, during your occupation Vermietungsagentur Leipzig of the premises. It is essential that you read the statement in detail and are satisfied that it is an accurate reflection of the state of the house before you sign it. If you are looking to rent a furnished apartment, the owner will likely produce a list of all equipment and furnishings in the flat. Please go through this meticulously and sign it only when you are satisfied in order to avoid any problems when you finally vacate the property. Damages or losses might be adjusted against your deposit.