Online music marketing comes in all forms. The most common practice from what I can see is social networking sites. Social networking sites are great Music Forum places to market your music but it will be to your benefit to dig even deeper. To really boost your online music marketing campaign you need to become active on music forums. You may use forums and I'm sure you have at least heard of them but there are certain ways to interact on forums to really maximize your results.

It is important to get involved with forums that will give you the opportunity to promote your music to a targeted audience. For instance, if you play grunge rock try to find grunge rock forums and if you play punk rock, find punk rock forums. The idea is to find the exact sub-genre of the main genre you are in. This will get your name out there to a very targeted audience. You may be promoting to a smaller group of people but your online music marketing campaign will improve.

Three different forums and post on them regularly

Get involved with about three different forums and post on them regularly. It's real important to conduct yourself properly on these forums so that you are received with open arms. If you join a forum and start blasting your band name everywhere you will most likely find yourself getting kicked out of the forum permanently.

Sign up to the forum using your real name and not your band name. People want to interact with a person not the name of a band. Get involved with the community in the forum. Start by asking and answering questions. Comment on threads, post new threads that can help out other users in the forum. You want to establish yourself as a quality member of the forum first, before you promote your music. Other members of the forum will be much more interested in your music after they feel that they know you a little bit as a person. With proper interaction you may find yourself in an online music marketing goldmine. Take it slow and develop trust with other users of the forum.

Online music marketing success can be achieved in forums when you use them correctly. Find the forums that target your genre and sub-genre and most importantly make sure you conduct yourself with integrity.

10 Forums to Use For Promotion

Music and fame that's the end result of almost every artist but you can't get there without the proper promotion of your music. So here are 10 websites that you can use to promote your music. Money and fame go together better than most musicians know.

  1. The forums of the most popular site for unsigned artists out there:, and the forums are just as active as the website itself! Get your songs reviewed in the 'critics corner', join in 'general music discussions', get tips for promoting your music and how to create a solid base in the 'music biz', get tips on song writing, find a graphic designer for your next project in the 'graphics corner' and more!
  2. com: with over 40,000 members in all and 15,000 unregistered visitors daily, this is without a doubt one of the best music forums online.
  3. com: Another great music forum for listeners and artists alike.
  4. com: A music website with tons of great discussions about a wide range of instruments, recording equipment, recording techniques, singing, song writing and more.
  5. com: Yet another music forum with tons of topics to discuss in and find answers to your questions.
  6. net: A music forum especially for all the country artists and musicians out there.
  7. us: The 'CM' stands for 'Christian Music Forum Music'; this is a forum especially for all the Christian artists and musicians out there, no matter what genre.
  8. A music website especially for all the electro, trance and house music artists.
  9. com: A music forum especially for all the rap and hip hop artists and producers, not only dealing with production, recording and song writing tips and techniques, but also with the entire hip hop life style.
  10. com: One of the only English music forums especially for Japanese pop artists.