Currently, around 37 percent of the web involves video production. Ever since the invention of film, this has been an efficient method of reaching and influencing Kameramann Leipzig an audience in the form of advertising, and the most widespread of these is television advertising. The Overtime Movie has obviously evolved and adapted to work in the current digital age.

Currently, sales of home digital video recorders or DVRs have skyrocketed, increasingly rendering television advertising obsolete. With the DVR, the viewer has the choice to merely fast-forward through commercials. TV advertising budgets have become an unnecessary expense with these devices. Because of this, many companies have shifted their focus to the internet and online advertising.

Key Benefits of Video

A key reason why video production is important for advertising is that it sells. That's it. There are no other reasons . According to a study by the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business, when video is used, 72 percent more customers decide to purchase a service or product, and their purchase decision is made more quickly. Once they see a video, most potential consumers have a better understanding of the product or service.

1. Shared Video & DVD Business Cards

89 percent of consumers rate a video production when they receive it, and 94 percent share it with family and friends. The industry estimates that response rates for video promotions are at least six times higher than for print mailing ads. Brochures on video or business card DVDs have such a high perceived value that they are rarely thrown away like junk mail. Many people tend to hold on to them and give them to their friends. The majority of people can watch an entire marketing video just out of curiosity.

2. Affordable with a consistent message

Reaching markets with video helps connect with markets that many sales reps can't reach. Video helps deliver messages to smaller market segments that are too distant or could never afford live training services.

Videos help with this by presenting a consistent message to all viewers every time. It provides reliable training, marketing, sales or orientation with on-demand viewing and allows for a wider audience. It's affordable and not just for larger companies. A carefully written video with a viewing time of 2 or 3 minutes can be particularly useful and convey more information than a large stack of printed materials.

3. Videos that are widely used ensure rapid online growth

Videos on the Internet are growing fast and watching online videos has actually surpassed traditional television. It has become the dominant means of communication for the past 100 years. Many videos are great sales promotions in and of themselves. As an example, the Bowflex commercial exercise machine sells a $2000 system. The free video they send to potential customers only costs them $6.50 each, but almost half of the customers who watch the video order a system.

4. A powerful sales tool

Using video can animate the product or service, which brochures cannot do. Customers can be filmed using the product to show the real benefit of using the product. There are many uses for the same video. It can be used at trade shows or individual sales pitches, presented to groups or Kameramann Leipzig viewed online through a website. It can attract investors. By designing the video to accept easy updates, new services, products, and people can be included without having to re-create the entire video.

5. Businesses appear bigger

A relatively small company can seem like a much larger company. Some of the suppliers, customers and shops can be filmed. Products or services that are used and manufactured can be shown. Complex processes or technical products can be explained and the inner workings can be shown on video. This makes it clear how a product or process works.

6. Offer visual tours and train employees

Video production is an inexpensive way to educate people or sell products that need a demonstration. This is especially good for products that are expensive to transport or display.

Good lighting and close-ups make virtual tours of the organization possible. A company can present itself at its best, and the audience doesn't have to see anything that the company doesn't want to see. It is possible to highlight aspects of the organization that are most important to customers, such as: B. the quality and pride in workmanship.