If you've decided that a wood pellet boiler makes financial and environmental sense for you, then you want to know how to buy one.

Here's what to think about.

  1. Experience

    You should choose a wood pellet boiler supplier with a lot of experience. As more people look for renewable heating systems, more companies will be interested in getting involved and as a result it can become more difficult to find an established company.
  2. Accreditation

    If you are looking to take advantage of the Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI), which provides quarterly payment for qualifying wood pellet boilers Pelletpreise  and stoves, you should choose a company that is MCS accredited. This means your supplier can help you choose the right boiler or stove and support you with your RHI application.
  3. Assortment and Variety

    If you're not sure what type of kettle or stove you need, it's worth looking at several models and being aware of the differences. You may have specific requirements or location or logistics issues that need to be addressed so you can buy the right pellet boiler.
  4. Showroom

    Being able to see different models in a showroom will help you learn more about wood pellet boilers and understand the features and benefits as well as the differences between models. Maybe what looks good on paper doesn't really fit into your home or work space, or maybe you discover a manufacturer or model that you hadn't previously considered.
  5. Knowledge

    It's important that you choose a wood pellet boiler supplier who has extensive knowledge of the industry and who can find you the perfect boiler to meet your exact needs. Salespeople who care about your interests, not their commission or goals, will make you feel better about your new heating system purchase, and so you're more likely to get the impartial advice you need.
  6. Reputation Choosing

    a wood pellet boiler supplier with a reputation gives you peace of mind. Perhaps the provider you have chosen is not the cheapest, but can show testimonials from many satisfied private and business customers. They may offer an installation service and can answer any pre and post sale questions you may have.
  7. Support and Support

    If you are new to wood pellet boilers and renewable heating, you will want to make sure the provider you choose offers the support and support you are likely to need. Even in the depths of winter, you won't want to go without heating and hot water and you won't have anyone to help you.
  8. Wood pellet supply

    Your boiler supplier may also be able to help you with your pellets. Since your boiler manufacturer is likely to recommend premium wood pellets, it is important that you choose the right premium pellets. You might also be interested in a fixed-price contract for your pellets, so that you can budget for your heating costs and get the best price, even years in advance.
  9. Delivery times

    Once you have found the right boiler and sorted out your pellets, you want to be sure that your boiler supplier can deliver within a reasonable time. If you're doing major renovations or are involved in a construction project, you need to know when your new boiler will arrive and be ready for installation.
  10. Price

    Although you initially have a budget in mind, it is important that you do not decide on a pellet boiler supplier based on price alone. When you factor in the  Pelletspreise aktuell support, wood pellet supply, finding the right range and the accreditation required, you will understand that the cheapest boiler supplier can cost you a lot more in the long run.

Now that you know what to think about, you can choose the right wood pellet boiler supplier and get the wood pellet heating system you need.